Choosing Furniture And Bedding For Small White Bedrooms

916 – Soft White The perfect color for a small bedroom! Crisp, clean white surfaces seem so easy and clean in this small, sunny bedroom. The white panels reflect light well around the room and enhance the structure of the room, with its unique architecture. Spiced patterned bedding in rich yellow and gray add warmth, while a stark white bed frame adds texture and character to the bed.

Color Accents That Add Warmth to the Bed

Accent The color of the bedding and the texture of the bed frame combine to create an overall effect that is warm and inviting. Using basic colors, like crisp white walls reflect light beautifully around the room, and helps set a relaxing mood. Rich patterns, like stripes or polka dots, on bedding, add warmth and character as well.

Create A Monochromatic Mood Another great idea is to create a monochromatic room, with one color representing each of the four walls. This creates a feeling of uniformity, which can help you feel grounded in your bedroom. Use accent furniture, like a desk, dresser, or chest of drawers to pull the monochrome theme across the entire room. A bed frame in one of the colors will also help the effect.

Accent Colors The bedroom is a room where the texture should be both comforting and inviting. With this in mind, choose colors that are rich and textured, such as chocolate browns, rust, or soft earth tones. Covered mirrors add a rich elegance to the walls, and a bed frame that is wood with a wood-grained finish lends itself to textures that are comforting. Textures can also be created with paint colors, or painted accents on the walls, as with the example of dark chocolate walls. Just remember to keep textures simple; too much will make the room feel cramped.

Attractive Exposed Brick Walls and Wooden Floors

Add Interest In an urban environment, textures can be used to great effect, creating interesting visual interest. Brick walls in a kitchen give the feeling of being outdoors, with wood floors and exposed brick walls giving the bedroom a similar look. Adding textured wallpaper to the walls adds interest in a different way. Instead of using wallpaper that has smooth textures, choose wallpaper with imperfections in it, creating a texture that looks like cobblestone. Or, use paint texture rather than paint, and run a border of contrasting colors down the wall.

Use Color To Emphasize A small white bedroom has to set the scene for a restful, calm atmosphere. Using color to set the mood makes decorating the walls easier. If you love soft colors, then painting the walls a pale eggshell shade will instantly brighten the space. Soft pastels and neutral blues are a fun way to bring in color from nature and create the illusion of soft walls.

Bedroom Ideas with Beautiful Furniture

Choose Furniture With Large Prints When your bedroom ideas include large prints on the wall, choose furniture with large, bold prints in the same tone. Because you can easily enlarge large photos, consider hanging these prints on the walls so they are the focal point of the room. You can also purchase a reproduction for these small white bedrooms and choose plain, white furniture with a small print. The space will appear less busy but will still have that inviting look of quality.

Wall Panelling For small white bedroom sets, wall paneling is often considered unnecessary. However, wall paneling adds a sense of depth to the bedroom, bringing a sense of dimension to the room. If you choose a light-walled design with a basic geometric pattern, then this texture will stand out against the background color and texture of most bedroom furniture. The added benefit of wall paneling is the fact that it can be easily textured, giving a variety of different textures to the design.


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