How To Transform Your Small White Kitchen Into A Nifty, Minimalist Kitchen

752 – Small White and Gray Kitchen My wife’s decorating a small white kitchen with gray tiles and it is amazing how this small area can be turned into something so much more. A fun place to be in such a small space. A place where we can all gather and not feel so far from home. No regrets that our small kitchen does not have more storage. We are getting there.

Using Gray Kitchen Cabinets

Gray Kitchen Cabinet for a Small White Kitchen My wife’s small white kitchen renovation has now become a little more. A fun place to be in, not so much full of cabinets but lots of open space. A place where we can all gather and not feel so far from home. No worries about spilling drinks or getting things right in the cabinets.

Single Wall Kitchen For a Small White Kitchen My wife’s small white kitchen may just need a little brightening. Maybe, a few new shelves or island to put our baking pans on. I like the idea of a single-wall kitchen may be a challenge but with some paint and some wire shelving I think this would be great. So maybe I will be able to give my kitchen a facelift too. That always fun when you do it yourself.

Gray on Single Wall Kitchen A gray on single wall can give a small kitchen renovation a nice subtle look. This alone can do wonders. It makes a room feel bigger, gives character to a blank wall and gives more depth to a small space. Gray also makes a room appear more refined and sophisticated. I really enjoy the effect that gray has on a room.

Decorating the Kitchen Becomes Luxurious

Single Wall Kitchen With Lazy Susans The counter top needs to be a high traffic area. A granite or marble countertop makes great and inexpensive additions. Then top that off with white subway tiles that match the granite or marble. You can then add a drawer in front of the counter top for storage. You can even put a small refrigerator in that space for storing leftover foods from the dinner or breakfast.

Double-Masted Kitchen Backsplash With a Double Rectangle If your countertop is too small and your wall is too plain, you can still create a beautiful-looking small white kitchen with a double-basted kitchen backsplash that fits nicely with a stainless steel or black cabinet. Install a black or stainless steel border between the colors, then install a mirror above the sink. Use a mirror that matches the colors of the backsplashes for that complete look. A double-basted kitchen backsplash also makes a great place for an island with an inset dishwasher. Stainless steel or black cabinet with a l-shaped kitchen mirror makes a beautiful addition to this type of kitchen.

Choosing Peninsula Table As Kitchen Decoration

Peninsula Table with Coffee Table If your kitchen is a small white kitchen with a breakfast table is an ideal place to eat breakfast. Install a stainless steel or black peninsula table with a mirrored top and add a stool beneath to make it easier to eat breakfast. Add flowers and accent rugs around the area for some added decoration. You can use the peninsula table with a small white kitchen or with a breakfast table and add chairs above.

Single Wall Kitchen With Pantry Storage One of the best ways to convert a kitchen into a minimalist space is to simply remove the cabinets and add simple rustic wooden cabinets and shelves in one wall. The pantry is one room where you can spend a lot of money without compromising on style and practicality. Paint the cabinets a neutral color, such as off white, then add simple country wooden flooring with woven woods and laminate cabinets.


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