How to Decorate Asian Dining Room Styles

805 – The Asian dining room style is a bit different from the western style dining room. In an Asian style, there is more space available and your choices of dining table shapes and chairs are greater. Here are some tips to help you find the right styles for your dining room.

Asian Style Dining Room Ideas

When choosing the dining room table for your Asian-style dining room, you need to consider how many people will be using the room. If you only have a few friends or family members, a smaller table may be more appropriate than a large table. Keep in mind that if there is more than one table in the dining room, then it can be quite crowded. Be sure to get at least two chairs for every table.

The height of the table should be comfortable enough for everyone in the family, including children. You do not want to have to strain your back bending over to pick up or put down napkins or glasses. If you are going to use folding chairs, then be sure that they are the right height for the room so that you do not end up bending over and have your legs split from the table to sit on.

Designing Beautiful Asian Table Lamps

Your Asian table top can be made from many materials such as wood, glass, metal, or a mixture of any of these materials. Usually, the tops are finished with a flat veneer to provide a beautiful contrast of color. Many people choose to have a matching table lamp for their Asian table. These lamps usually come in very ornate designs and are very elaborate. They can really add to the beauty of your Asian room.

Asian chairs are much different than the normal plastic chairs that you would find in a restaurant. The seats are usually upholstered in order to give them a very comfortable and warm feel. They also tend to be very low to the ground. There are some chairs that actually fold out to allow for more legroom. You can find these kinds of chairs in a variety of colors such as black and red, or white and gold.

Your Asian dining room is not complete without a wonderful table cover. A simple tablecloth may be placed on the table, but it is not necessary. Traditional Asian patterns such as Chinese dragon tables or Chinese fan tables can be used instead. Some of the fancier Asian table cloths also have wonderful lacework designs on them.

Style Asian Dining Room with a Candle Touch

You can make your Asian Dining Room style statement by having candles on the table. Candles add a very nice touch to this style of the room. If you do not like the smell of candles, then you may want to choose soy candles. Soy candles are less harmful to your children and pets. If you cannot buy the soy candle styles, then a simple wick will work just as well.

An authentic Asian dining room is incomplete without a table of white linen. These types of dining tables often have leaves attached to them. This gives them an antique appearance. Linen tablecloths are very classy looking. You can find these at most Asian markets around the country. Having a white linen tablecloth gives the dining area a very nice Asian style.

The placement of the chairs in an Asian-style dining area should be from four to six feet away from each other. The chairs placed further apart will create a feeling of space. This space will add depth to your Asian theme room. If you do not have enough room for all the chairs at one time, then foldable chairs will be perfect for your Asian dining room. Foldable chairs are very functional for a dining area, as they are very attractive and versatile.

Tips to Beautify an Asian Style Table

There are several ways to enhance your Asian-style table. A great look is to add a Buddha-style table with a wooden chair to it. Another great way to complete the look of the dining room is to add a silk flower arrangement of long-stemmed red roses to the top of the table.

When decorating an Asian dining room, the first thing you should consider is the type of table and chairs that you will be using. Then choose a theme that best fits your table and chairs. Next, choose some beautiful wall hangings and Asian paintings that will really enhance your theme. Finally, be sure to get a good lighting setup to complete the look.


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