Create Your Own Tropical Library


Mencoret.comTropical library design is one that combines a touch of the tropics with a sophisticated urban feel. The Tropical Library by Lamorie London is an excellent example of how a library can combine a beautiful setting with a comfortable reading environment. In an elegant and minimalist library, you will find a wealth of objects, from antique fashions to cutting-edge electronic equipment. This combination of modern aesthetics and rustic, rural charm is what makes this library a delightful addition to any home. With its comfortable wooden chairs and tropical decor, it is a perfect spot for a quiet book or an impromptu reading session.

Colored Wood Accents are Library Interior Design

The interior design of the library is a joy to behold. Richly colored wood accents add a touch of tropical flair to the library, while earth tones and wicker on the floor give it a southern hospitality. The Tropical Library even has tropical trees placed in a tropical garden. The rich tones and textures blend together perfectly. Lamorie London has now offered an exclusive performance by renowned British perfumer Pianist John Murray.

John Murray was born and raised in England. He spent many years traveling the world, experiencing the tropical climates and tropical smells. A true tropical explorer, John decided to take his love of fragrance and tropical botany to the tropical lands of South America and the South Pacific. Here, he helped introduce readers to new and exciting aromas and the science behind them.

Tropical Library Interior Characteristics

The beauty of John’s tropical library is that it combines the exotic with the practical in an artistic way. There are shelves full of tropical objects, ranging from exotic bird tattoos to saltwater fish figurines. The interior design team created the Library with a tropical feel, because that is what he enjoyed most. He designed the interior of the library with careful consideration to the texture, color, and materials used. He wanted the library to appear as natural and as welcoming as the South American rain forest.

Each item in the library is hand-crafted with a passion and knowledge of their native habitat. John designed each piece to reflect the flora and fauna found in his travels. The library is filled with books on rare plants, fungi, minerals, and the history of tropical trees. The interior design team took the time to choose pieces that complimented one another and complement the natural environment, creating a lush oasis in the center of a city.


The front section of the library features two sculptures from Brazil. The first piece is a Life Size Granite statue of a hummingbird, which features an eye-catching backdrop of the Amazon Rainforest. The second sculpture is a cast in bronze of an Amazon Butterfly, complete with colorful wings and a bright blue body. The design team was inspired by the natural beauty of the hummingbirds, butterflies, and rainforests, combining them with the South American culture and landscape.

Mixed Tile Design With Natural Wood Color

On the inside of the tropical tree bookcase, a bamboo shade with an authentic bamboo grove is lined with woven Terra cotta tiles. The tiles match the natural color of the wood and enhance the earth tones found throughout the interior design. The design of the bookcases are offsetting the natural slant of the bookcase in order to create a unique piece of furniture. In the center of each shelf is a lush tropical blooming plant, beautifully arrayed with tiny flowers. The bookshelves are lined with natural rattan, with large planter boxes providing ample room for your treasured books.

The interior design team created several different options for the flooring of the library, utilizing the most common tropical plants. The choice of flooring material was a hard decision, but once the team saw the beautiful natural texture of the plywood, they knew it was the right choice. The flooring is offsetting the natural slant of the library, creating a unique flooring piece. With teak and other tropical hardwoods used in the construction of the floor and shelving units, the tropical design theme has been beautifully integrated into the library. The shelves and bookcases are supported by the natural texture of the plywood, creating a modern appeal to the entire home.


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