Effective Bohemian Living Room Decor Ideas


Mencoret.com – When you hear the word “bohemian”, what comes into your mind? Is it a description of a cross-cultural community with hippie tendencies? Or more likely, it’s a romantic setting with an eclectic mix of different cultures, music, art and other influences. The truth is, this type of living room decor is so much more than a fad.

Definition of Bohemian Living Room Style

A Bohemian living room style exudes an attitude of self-indulgence with an eclectic sense of beauty. This style defines an allure that comes from a natural warmth and an innate sense of love. While there’s no set definition for this style, a Bohemian room would have the following components: Rich, textured wall paints with vibrant and contrasting colors. Washed out flooring in vibrant or earth tones. Simple furniture made of natural materials like wood, stone or wrought iron.


A hallmark of the Bohemian living room decor is a clean and simple design that complements the rustic, eclectic theme. To achieve such a look, you must choose only very specific design elements. First, your walls must be painted a clean, light color that’s not loud and garish; however, it should also have interesting and varied colors to keep the room atmosphere light and airy. The furniture and accent pieces must have clean lines to compliment the walls and must have very few decorations. If you want to go for a minimalist approach, then your coffee table and side tables must have very few ornate designs and details, as these will take away from the minimalist vibe. If you prefer a more conventional look, then choose furniture pieces that have intricate details and bold colors.

Characteristics of a Bohemian Living Room Design

Since Bohemian living room designs are characterized by soft colors, you will definitely need to find a way to bring additional drama to the room. The best way to do so is to introduce an element of texture and depth to your room through the use of a rug. Rugs, especially handmade ones, can bring a very warm and relaxing ambience into the Bohemian living room, especially if they’re in the color of dark brown or black.

For instance, if you choose a black and brown rug, then this combination can go well with both lighter and darker shades of brown. It can work in conjunction with the theme and style of the Bohemian living room since black is typically associated with negation and darkness. Likewise, if you choose a red rug, then this combination can also work if you have redecorating work on the walls. You just need to make sure that your other design choices don’t clash with your redecorating efforts.

Tips for Choosing the Best Bright Color Features

Color is another important feature that you need to pay close attention to when working on Bohemian living room design ideas. vivid colors such as red and yellow are ideal. These colors can create a very strong impact that will instantly make the appearance of the room more vibrant and exciting. However, you need to choose pieces that go well with your color scheme since some colors can actually work against each other. Dark blues and deep purples are usually not a good match, since it will create a very serious and somber feeling. To achieve the opposite effect, you should go with lighter shades of color such as light blue and light green.

Although Bohemian living rooms are more commonly associated with a Bohemian look, you can actually incorporate many other styles and themes into it. For instance, one of the most common boho look features pieces with Native American patterns and motifs. To achieve this look, you should look for small potted plants and wall art pieces made from these objects. You can also incorporate pieces that have a vintage and rustic appeal into it by choosing pieces with curved designs, colorful designs and unique shapes.

For Bohemian living rooms, the use of natural elements is very important. Therefore, when choosing pieces of furniture, choose items that are made from organic materials like bamboo, rattan, wood, paper, or even leather. These items will allow you to create the natural atmosphere that you need in your room without having to sacrifice comfort and style. You can also decorate the room by painting it using bold colors or creating a bold and exotic art style. You can also arrange your furniture pieces in a way that mirrors famous Native American art scenes.


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