Living the Scandinavian Interior Design Style Bedroom

1132 – Your ultimate Scandinavian bedroom design must be bold, fresh, and without pretense. A common mistake in designing bedrooms is putting too much “shine” on the furnishings. The furnishings are supposed to be a background element. Rather than a “shine”, focus on texture instead. Use pale, muted colors to build a cabin that looks like it was made in a cave, rather than a house that is “built-in”.

Choose a Neutral Scandinavian Bedroom Decor Theme

If bright white isn’t your thing, pick a cool, neutral Scandinavian bedroom decor theme, with black and grey as the primary colors. Work in a generous range of textiles, blending rich velvets, dark browns, and off-white shades to add a touch of interest to an otherwise dull palette. Contrasting textures can also give the impression of more space, as long as they aren’t too busy.

A Scandinavian bedroom needs to offer a cozy homey feeling, devoid of any excess furnishing. Ornamental items should be minimal, and accessories should be strategically placed for a look of togetherness and sameness. A simple coffee table or side stand will be sufficient to highlight a soft area with some color. Don’t clutter things up by hanging chain link from your bed frames or using knickknacks as wall decor, since these will take up space.

Consider Using Solid Colored Rugs

To create a cozy feeling in a modernist Scandinavian bedroom, choose floor rugs that have a cozier look. A dark-colored area rug made of wool is ideal. You may consider using a solid-colored area rug, with perhaps some feminine designs on it. Or you may decide to use one of many Scandinavian rug styles, such as the country side or the coastal line designs. Colorful area rugs are great accessories for modern bedrooms; in fact, they may become the most prominent pieces of furniture.

For a touch of vintage in your Scandinavian bedroom, headboards can be a great way to bring life back into a room. Bamboo or laminate headboards work great in such a setting. Choose a color that coordinates well with the color of the walls and the furniture; something with an earthy color tone would be quite elegant. Bright color accents, such as pinks, oranges, yellows, or blues, are also quite popular. Adding an old-fashioned rosebud candle is an excellent touch, as well as a vintage piece of lace or tapestry.

Scandinavian Interior Design Ideas

Scandinavian interior design ideas don’t have to follow the latest trends. Instead, keep things simple, clean lines, and interesting. A common theme in a Scandinavian bedroom is neutral colors like taupe, white, beige, black, brown, or grey. The neutral colors are easy on the eyes, which is perfect for those who are trying to create a warm ambiance in their bedroom.

In most cases, you won’t want to mess with the basic color palettes, as too many colors can distract from the simplicity of a simple design. However, you can easily mix and match the different color palettes, or select pieces with contrasting designs if you want to. You may also find that the look you want in a Scandinavian bedroom doesn’t really involve any color at all; a sleek, contemporary look may be just what you’re looking for. Keep in mind that although Scandinavian interiors are known for their simplicity, they still can get very elaborate in the details. For example, in addition to having no less than a couple of shelves in a bedroom, you may also want the walls to have a decorative frame.

Choosing your furniture can be a lot of fun once you know the basics of designing a Scandinavian interior design style bedroom. Try to think about how the room would appear to other people, or simply get yourself a plan so you know exactly what pieces of furniture would go where. Once you know exactly what style you are going for, then you’re ready to start shopping! Just remember, a well-constructed bedroom always speaks of a high quality craftsmanship.


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