Mid Century Modern Bedroom Design


Mencoret.com – The beautiful curved legs of mid-century modern bedroom furniture add simple elegance to ornate more substantial base pieces, such as a mid-century modern desk. These legs are a favorite with mid-century modern bedroom designers. They create a “modernized” look and bring out the “transitional” look of mid-century modern bedroom furniture. It’s also a good idea for tight spaces since narrow legs make an open flow underneath furniture to actually give the feeling that you actually have more room than you actually do.

Mid-Century Modern Bedroom Furniture

You’ll want to soften the look of geometric or sharp edges. This is accomplished by using clean lines, such as curved slats on a contemporary desk. Clean lines in general soften and brighten, whereas sharp edges or heavy decorations create a sense of depth or distance. If you find clean lines in mid-century modern bedroom furniture, you’re setting the stage for a spacious, open, airy bedroom.

To create a great way to display your books, a flat surface on which to display bookshelves is a wonderful idea in a mid-century modern bedroom. Since bookshelves draw attention to your chest of drawers and bed, the flat surface is a great way to display and access to your many collections. Some great ideas include needlepoint frames, vases, and even small sculptures. If you don’t want to put all your books on a shelf, a simple way to display some of your most important collection is by putting it on your nightstand or your headboard.

Elegant Mid-Century Modern Bedroom

The graceful lines of mid-century modern bedroom furniture are offset by strong geometric shapes. For example, clean lines with sharp edges create vertical lines, while soft curves and dainty shapes create horizontal lines. Use contrasting colors to break up large forms. Remember that geometric elements can become the focal point of a room, so keep the rest of your design in check by balancing it against strong geometric elements. A great way to use clean lines and strong geometric shapes is to simply place everything against a light wall color.

In mid-century modern bedroom ideas, solid wood is a primary material. In fact, the majority of the furniture will be made from solid wood. You might consider using tempered glass for shelves and accents. Glass furniture tends to reflect light, so it creates a beautiful illusion of space. In addition to using beautiful solid wood furniture, you might also choose to use metal or padded furniture instead of solid wood.

Geometric Shapes in The Bedroom

Because geometric shapes are often the main focus of a bedroom design, try to create as much contrast as possible between the various geometric elements. This can be done using primary colors – but make sure they’re not too bright. Strong, primary colors are best used as accents, or as the focal point of a piece of furniture.

Another useful tip for decorating a mid-century modern bedroom design is to use smooth, simple lines. When trying to create clean lines, remember that the most important thing to remember is not to clutter the room. In a bedroom, the less things you have floating around the better. Therefore, focus on having a few basic pieces of furniture such as a bed frame, dresser and nightstand, and arrange them in such a way as to create one, clear focal point. Remember, less is more when it comes to design, so keep the clutter to a minimum.

In addition to using clear geometric shapes to create a focal point, you should also keep the overall color palette in mind. For many homeowners, a mid-century bedroom simply wouldn’t be complete without a color palette that was rich in natural tones and deep, rich colors. Keep in mind that light colors such as orange, peach, yellow and pink tend to be more common in this era than they are in more contemporary designs. In order to bring out the richness of these hues, use mid-century inspired color palettes such as pastels, blues and greens. For the ultimate touch of class, add in a touch of red or violet.


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