Traditional Family Room Ideas

1243 – The traditional family room usually has three walls and a ceiling. There are usually a few windows and the floor is carpeted with throw rugs, or other home accessories. A few pieces of furniture such as a table, chairs, love seat, end table, coffee table or bookcase are typically present, together with a television or some type of video game console. Since it tends to be less formal and more informal than a formal living room, the traditional family room also tends to be the area to which most people spend their time, especially when entertaining friends. Thus it should be equipped to hold all the family activities, which means that it should store books, movies, music, games and other home entertainment items, and contain everything from an end table to a sofa, bookshelf or media center.

Tips for Creating a Traditional Living Room

But what if you want a traditional family room but don’t have a fireplace? Don’t worry. You can still create a traditional family room in your home even without a fireplace. Traditional color palettes Traditional family room features a lot of rich, dark colors. If you really want to create a traditional family room, use rich, dark tones of wood and dark, earth tones of fabric – dark chocolate browns, tans, or browns with earthy tones of blue, green or mauve. These types of color palettes will add depth to your space, but they will also bring out the rustic, earthy beauty of your home. For example, if you paint the walls a chocolate brown, you can have a very “homey” space. If you choose a fabric with a little bit of green, you can add a little zest to the room as well.

Use of pattern It’s not necessary to follow the traditional design for your traditional family room. Try experimenting with patterns to create a unique and fun look. If you have kids, you can find fun, whimsical or even crazy patterns that will appeal to them. A lot of kids like to have a fun theme in their rooms, such as a sports or a princess theme. Look for fun printable patterns or even faux leather or fabric patterns that will make your family room more fun and unique.

Advantages of Traditional Living Room

Use of accents One of the great advantages of a traditional family room over a modern design is that the focus is on the family as a unit. In a modern living room, people are often grouped together with little focus on the family as a whole. Try grouping people with similar interests, hobbies, or even favorite television shows. By grouping and connecting like minded people, you can bring more harmony and focus to the entire family room.

Use of natural wood and stone If you are a true outdoorsman, you can enhance your traditional family room features with accents like outdoor wood and stone. Choose accent tables made from natural wood to set your drinks on or choose an umbrella to place over the fireplace. The fireplace can be surrounded by wooden mantles to bring even more character to the room. A nice touch to an outdoor space can be an umbrella stand or even a birdbath. These types of wood and stone accents allow you to create a truly memorable space.

Use bold and Rich Colors When Decorating

Use of color Don’t be afraid to use bold and rich colors when decorating your traditional family room. You may also want to use some kind of wall tapestry as an accent to enhance the feel and theme of the room. A tapestry is basically a frame that you hang on your walls. There are many tapestries available for purchase. There are also ones that you can have made for you if you feel like a more authentic look.

Traditional ideas can range from very simple to very elegant. As long as you keep in mind the key elements that make up a traditional space, you can be sure to create a wonderful space in your home. You can also add a touch of whimsy to your traditional family room ideas by playing around with color schemes. This works especially well if you add in pieces that fit in with the overall theme of the room. Take some time to think about how you can incorporate natural materials into your living room. You will be surprised at the impact it can have.


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