Trendy Bathroom Countertop Accessories

282 – Whether you’re looking for a decorative soap dish or a funky toothbrush holder, there are plenty of bathroom countertop accessories to choose from. Some of our favorites include Autumn Alley, Avanti’s Snowy Friends collection, and Everly Quinn. All of these pieces are designed to help add a touch of class to your bathroom.

Renovating Bathrooms with Sophisticated but Warm Materials

Whether you are renovating your bathroom or just looking for something to add to your existing space, new bathroom countertop accessories can add a new level of style to your vanity. Not only can these accessories freshen up your countertops, but they can also make your morning and evening routines more organized and easier. There are many different colors, textures and patterns to choose from. Some of the more trendy materials include marble, wicker and white ceramic. These materials are sophisticated, yet warm and cozy.

Another option is the Slate Bathroom Countertop Collection. This collection embraces a stripped-down, unfinished appeal. The durable resin used to create the products is coated with a worn surface. It also comes in a variety of sizes and colors.

Whether you’re looking for elegant or minimalist bathroom countertop accessories set, the Everly Quinn Collection is sure to catch your eye. This set features four ceramic containers and a soap dispenser for a simple yet sophisticated look. Each piece is decorated with a gold dot to add a touch of texture to the pieces. The set is available in black and gold. The accessories are also dishwasher and microwave safe, making them easy to clean.The DKNY  Home Goods line offers a simplistic yet elegant bath accessory set made from a durable blend of sandstone and resin. The collection is available in a single piece or as a set of four, with each piece adorned with brushed nickel and a rubber grip. The set includes a tumbler, toothbrush holder, small tray and wastebasket.

Adding Aesthetic Bathroom Countertop Accessories

Adding a little farmhouse flair to your bathroom with some aesthetically pleasing bathroom countertop accessories is a great way to improve the overall look and feel of your space. These items aren’t limited to the bathroom, though, and you can find them in the kitchen, living room, or bedroom. Whether you’re looking for a small organizer or something as big as a soap dish, there are a few pieces to suit your needs.

The best bathroom countertop set is one that is both functional and decorative. The ceramic soap dish, tissue box, and toothbrush holder all fit together to create a cohesive look and feel. The eye-catching “Brush” and “Wash” labels on the dish and holder add a bit of vintage charm to the vanity. The wooden handle and well-built construction ensure that these products last a long time.

Designed to add a festive touch to any decor, the Avanti Snowy Friends Collection of bathroom countertop accessories features cute winter details. These durable resin items are suitable for any room. They are also simple and understated. They come in a wide range of themes, and are priced to fit any budget.

The Perfect Addition to any Bathroom Ensemble

The Avanti Frosty Friends Decorative Bath Towel is a 100% cotton towel that features two happy snowmen, embroidered with grey scarfs. The towel’s body is blue on white, with a woven polyester border in blue. It measures 27 inches by 50 inches. It’s a perfect addition to your bath ensemble. The Avanti Home Seaglass Collection Rug is a versatile piece that can be used in your bedroom or bathroom. It’s made from OEKO-Tex Standard 100 Manufacturing. It’s available in a shower curtain and counter accessories.

Whether you want to store toothbrushes on your countertop or in your shower, there are many bathroom holders available that will keep your toothbrushes organized. These can be made of plastic, ceramic or metal.


The OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Toothbrush Organizer is sleek and features a hinged lid. It has five compartments and a removable interior divider. It is made of rust-resistant stainless steel. The holder also includes a soap dispenser and tumbler cup. The dispenser has a 10-ounce capacity. Its slim design helps keep your countertop tidy. The dividers may not be wide enough to accommodate thicker electric toothbrushes or toothpaste tubes.


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