How to Decorate a Mediterranean Bathroom

396 – A gorgeously stylish Mediterranean bathroom is dominated by white gray marble on the walls and flooring, creating a uniform backdrop for the bathtub and shower. Its symmetrical layout allows a white chandelier to dangle in a charming cove above the bathtub. Two large mirrors and dark wooden structures house two sinks. A freestanding bathtub is positioned on the far wall. A wrought iron chandelier completes the look.

Gives a Great Feel to a Mediterranean Bathroom

Old-world details, such as plaster walls and handcrafted cabinetry, give a regal feel to the Mediterranean bathroom. Combined with a stone-tiled floor and a stone-pedimented doorway, this space radiates luxury and style. To highlight the sturdiness of the old-world elements, choose tiles with a simple pattern and tone-on-tone hue. A carved-stone sink and vanity will provide a sophisticated finish to the space.

Light is a key component of any Mediterranean bathroom. The region is famous for its beautiful sunsets and golden afternoons. A bathroom evoking this natural light is equally important for a Mediterranean-style bathroom. Ideally, the bathroom will have large windows that overlook the sea. However, if natural light is not an option, it’s best to use ambient lighting and task lights to add ambience. If you’re working with a limited budget, you can choose to purchase pre-assembled mosaic tile sheets and mosaic tile floor medallions.

A primary Mediterranean-style bathroom is compact but beautifully decorated. The bathroom is accentuated by a dark wooden vanity placed across from the bathtub. The bathtub is encased in beige marble and features patterned small tiles on its sides. A light gray wall-mounted faucet completes the bathroom. Two tiers flank the bathtub and the two flanking entryways feature the same beige marble on the floor. A light-blue velvet cushioned ottoman stands next to the vanity and contrasts with the dark-brown ceiling.

Popular Choice for Mediterranean Style Colors

Colors in the Mediterranean style are typically bright and cheerful. Yellow, orange, and red are popular choices for paint colors. White and blue are also common accent colors. Wooden furnishings and arched doorways add a natural touch to the look. When selecting a color palette for the bathroom, remember to consider the style of your tiles. You can also choose to borrow some colors and designs from other areas, such as Scandinavian and Tuscan.

The design of a Mediterranean bathroom is influenced by the relaxed and informal style of the Mediterranean region. Tiles are often used throughout and extend the casual feel of the room. Furniture in a Mediterranean bathroom is also typically made of natural wood and painted in a signature Mediterranean color, bringing a splash of color to the space. A curved doorway is also a common design element. In addition to using natural materials, a Mediterranean bathroom can be elegant and sophisticated without being overly ostentatious.

The modern look of the Mediterranean bathroom can be achieved with simple materials. For example, stone bathtubs emphasize the interior dimensions of the space while providing anti-slip properties and resistance to abrasion. A stone bathtub is complemented by a white-backed glass spray disc and a color-harmonizing hand shower. This collection also features a range of accessories incorporating sustainability and ergonomic comfort.

Bathroom Furniture for Modern Homes

Materials such as terracotta floor tiles and Moroccan tadelakt plaster can be updated to accommodate any trend. The timeless look of a Mediterranean bathroom is a popular choice among modern homeowners, and you can even find bathroom furniture in this style in several colors. Besides terracotta and bronze, other materials that can be used in a Mediterranean-inspired bathroom include matte white, grey, and dark elm.

Dark brown tiles support the bathtub and the vanity. The bathtub’s housing has the same hue, which is also visible in the windows. The tub faucet matches the sink. The wooden vanity features matching drawers and cabinets, and the bathtub housing is attached to the wall of the shower area. A sconce, a chandelier, and a tub canopy make the bathroom look spacious and luxurious. Once you’ve completed these steps, you’ll have an exceptional Mediterranean bathroom.


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