How to Create a Country Bathroom

636 – When you want to create a rustic country look in your bathroom, you can opt for a wide, open space. The wide open space of a country bathroom will lend a sense of grandeur, which will enhance the effect of a regal chandelier and a French blue clawfoot tub. Pairing white sinks with stately framed mirrors will add luxury and elegance to the space. Adding decorative apothecary bottles and bold wallpaper will complete the look, while allowing you to simplify the rest of the decor.

Style For Classic Rustic Bathroom

For a classic country bathroom, wood panelling will dress the floor. Use a mid-tone varnish to ensure the look is traditional. A pale, round bath will brighten up the room. Place the tub near a low-level window. If possible, add shutters that open and close to enjoy the view while still maintaining privacy. To add an authentic touch of country style, consider installing plantation-style shutters. Alternatively, you can also opt for a white bathroom with a country feel.

To add an air of coziness to the space, you can use antiques and vintage-style accents. A classic clawfoot bathtub will be elevated with strategically placed tiles and opulent touches. A vintage vanity and light green millwork will complement the look of this space. A country bathroom can also feature a red stool. Its timeless and classic country style is guaranteed to make your guests smile. You can also use a variety of unique products that solve problems you may face in your household.

Another way to incorporate a rustic feel into a bathroom is to incorporate industrial elements. Adding steampunk light fixtures and industrial elements are great accents. Alternatively, you could opt for a whiskey barrel sink, which looks fantastic. You could also choose rustic-looking industrial lights and a wooden vanity. This style will add character and charm to your bathroom, while a DIY rustic shelf can be customized with your chosen name. The possibilities are endless!

Great Way to Create a Country Bathroom

Another great way to create a country bathroom is to combine wood and metal elements. Dark wood and brown tiles will add a warm, cozy feel. Raw wood vases add charm to a plain wall. While white and metal may seem boring in a bathroom, mixing different materials will help create visual symmetry. Decorative pieces will be highlighted on an open shelf above the bathtub. An untreated wood floor will add a touch of rustic charm to an otherwise boring space.

If you have a wood-based budget, you can incorporate wooden elements into your bathroom to create a country-inspired room. If you are looking for more rustic accents, a shiplap ceiling is the perfect way to go. An attic bathroom, with a cradled clawfoot tub and an ornate wrought iron chandelier, is another great way to add rustic charm to a room. A rattan basket, reclaimed wood wall cabinetwork, and an oversized mirror are just a few of the other things you can add to your country bathroom.

A wooden-framed circular mirror is the focal point of a rustic modern bathroom. It is accentuated by black coned light fixtures. A white marble countertop and a simple vanity bring old and new together while balancing the mix of old and new. The muted gray walls and weathered wood elements will add charm and character. Copper candle wall sconces will add a touch of whimsy to the room. A distressed wooden shelf atop intricate black iron brackets creates a stylish combination of shelf and art piece.

Signs of a Fun and Functional Bathroom

A fun and functional bathroom sign is an ideal accent for the country look. “Get naked” is an old-fashioned saying that works with the rustic theme. The distressed edges of a “get naked” sign add a touch of vintage charm to the room. Hand-painted and stained signs are an affordable way to add country style to any bathroom. This sign works well as a towel holder and has a rustic, vintage look. If you want to add a little humor to your bathroom, you can buy one of these hand-crafted signs in various colors.

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