Create an Industrial Look With Small Bathroom Designs

1097 – If you are intrigued by the urbanistic look, you are not alone. With an emphasis on bold and edgy signature characteristics including exposed brick walls, raw concrete floors, and reclaimed wood, the urban look is a unique match made in heaven for even the most spaced-out bathroom. The urban look is also a perfect match for small businesses with limited floor space. The key to success with this look is the mastery of form and function to create an environment that both works well in the space available but does not sacrifice the style of the establishment itself. It’s not enough to simply have clean lines; small industrial bathrooms need to be treated with respect and have the functionality necessary to be a success.

Clean and Fresh Appearance Small Industrial Bathroom

One of the best ways to start with your small industrial bathroom is with a clean, fresh appearance. Brick on wood floors is a great starting point. Brick is a very durable building material, which means it will last for years, making it a great choice for the industrial design. It is flexible, meaning it can be cut to almost any shape or size to fit your particular needs. Additionally, exposed brick walls give the feeling of solidity and permanence while also being incredibly functional, providing a first line of defense against moisture damage and moisture related problems.

If you have the budget, exposed brick on wood floors is an excellent choice for your small industrial bathroom. However, if you don’t want to go the faux tile route, subway tile is also a great option. subway tile comes in many different styles and colors, including a wide variety of earth tones that are perfect for your small industrial bathroom. This is an ideal way to match the color of your fixtures, flooring, paint, or wallpaper, while still providing a modern look.

Tile can come in a variety of types, including ceramic tile, marble, limestone, slate, terrazzo, granite, quartz, etc. Each type of tile has a unique character and area. The key is to find a tile that fits well within your overall small industrial bathroom design.

How to Design a Small Industrial Bathroom

You may want to design small industrial spaces around a specific feature such as a vessel sink. This can be a tall clear glass vessel or a white painted steel vessel sink or even both! One great choice would be a clear glass vessel sink with a stainless steel vessel stand. Obviously, this will give a bold statement of modern style, but can also be easily updated should your business change. A stainless steel stand would be a more classic look, but can be updated should your business make a switch.

Another small but effective technique for your small industrial bathroom design is to use exposed brick on the floors and walls. The obvious choice for an exposed brick wall is the brick that’s found in your own house. Because exposed brick is usually in bright white, it gives a utilitarian feel to the bathroom, yet still creates an eye-catching design. In your bathroom, this can be coupled with a tile that’s a darker color, such as beige. For a fun feel, incorporate some pebbles or small stones into the mix as well.

Characteristics of the Ideal Appearance of Small Industrial Bathrooms

Another variation on your exposed brick walls is to use a colored mortarboard. Using colored mortarboards is not only funky, but also adds a unique visual element to your small bathroom. Colored masonry has been popular for many decades, but has only recently gained popularity as a home improvement material. Colored masonry is very easy to install, but because of its inherent individuality, is also one of the more inexpensive remodeling choices. Many companies offer special color-customized mortarboard, as well as colored beadwork and fixtures. These can all be used to create your ideal look.

If you’re looking for inspiration for the look of your small industrial bathroom, one idea worth checking out is the use of “laundry tile.” Laundry tile is a great choice for many bathrooms, as it allows you to keep your floor dry without the risk of water damage, making this a popular option for industrial settings. Using laundry tile makes your tile pieces less noticeable, allowing you to create an industrial look without being too extreme. Other ideas for the tile in your industrial look bathroom include rough texture, rough ceramic tile, and mosaic tiles – all of which combine to give your room a distinctive look.


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