Small Asian Living Room Style

968 – Small Asian Living Room Style is an option for you if you are a first time homeowner, want to save money and live in a smaller home, or are just bored of the typical large size of your home. There are many ways that you can decorate your home or apartment and still have all of the benefits of living in a home that fits this description. The first thing you need to do is understand how this type of home works. Typically, people who are from the Asian culture, those who speak the Chinese language, or those who are originally from Indonesia, Korea, or Japan, will be quite small in size and only occupy a small portion of an average home. A traditional American family of four would be considered quite spacious when compared to most Asians. But, regardless of the size of your home, having a small Asian living room style is perfect for you.

Use of Traditional Room Style Furniture And Accessories

In a traditional room style, the furniture and accessories are much larger in scale, making the room feel like more of an actual home. The fabrics used, both upholstery and curtains, will be a rich, deep color. Because the walls are generally painted a darker color, the furniture will also take on a similar feel. You can really accomplish a unique and interesting Asian theme by choosing pieces that fit accordingly. You can choose pieces that are traditional, contemporary, or even unique in their own right.

Because a traditional Asian living room style tends to be rather large, it is important to utilize every square foot of space that you have. To help you save on space, you can really stretch out your sofa, chairs, and other furniture in a way that doesn’t seem too obvious. For example, placing an entertainment center against one wall as opposed to putting it on the opposite side will open up the living room and make it feel like it is more of an open environment. Placing a bookshelf against one wall with shelves on each side will also provide additional storage space, and the fact that it is one wall instead of two will give it a more open, spacious feel.

Advantages of Small Asian Living Room Style

A small Asian living room style can also benefit from an area rug. An area rug can give a great deal of warmth and personality to a bare floor, and can make cleaning difficult and take longer. However, you don’t need a large rug to create a great atmosphere. Any rug will do as long as it matches the colors of the rest of the room.

Small Asian homes tend to be very open and can include lots of windows. This is great news for homeowners looking to maximize the amount of natural light that comes into the room. To make sure that you can take full advantage of natural light, consider placing lamps on either side of the windows. Another idea is to install an open window, like the type that is seen in Japanese style homes. This will allow you to enjoy natural light without having to open the windows all the way.

Simple Decoration Combinations

For this living room style, you will also want to choose simple decorations that are not too cluttered. It will help the room to feel open and welcoming. Use fabrics that are soft and airy such as crepe, silk, or a combination of cotton and satin. You should also consider using accessories like needlepoint chairs, chopsticks, and paper lamps on tables that are simple and in one color.

As with any home decoration project, you must first plan and create a budget. Once you have determined how much money you have to spend, you can start to figure out what pieces of furniture you will use in the room. Remember that there is no need to go all out on every piece, especially if you can’t afford to buy new furniture. Instead, focus on using accessories and accents in your Asian home decor. Remember to use accent rugs on areas that receive heavy traffic, such as entryways and other rooms.


Another thing you can do to implement the small Asian theme is to pick up wall art from Asian markets and flea markets. This will bring an interesting decorative element to the room, especially if you find interesting pieces while doing your research. Also, be sure to use accent rugs on bare floors in the room, since they will add color and life to bare floors. Lastly, remember that a living room style can easily be changed if you move to a new home. Just add a few Asian touches here and there to your home and you will always have an inviting Asian space.


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