Small Shabby Chic Kitchen Design

934 – Smaller bathrooms need a hint of shabby chic to inject some elegance. Many people are hesitant to go with the vintage look, but it doesn’t have to be unattractive or uncomfortable to create a relaxing, stylish space. Here are a few ideas for small shabby chic kitchen themes.

Country Charm with Plenty of Character

Country shabby chic kitchen this look is subtle country charm with plenty of character. Country wood furniture with an aged, weathered look gives the room a homey feeling that pulls together the personal and the extraordinary. Some key items to look for in this style kitchen include: a vintage dish rack with open shelves, an ornate rooster standing on the sink, country wall sconces, an old style iron pot rack and open wooden shelves. Country wall paint is also important to set the mood. In the kitchen, keep open wooden shelves to display your cookbooks and collectibles and keep the rest of the room uncluttered for maximum impact.

Character shabby chic features the use of various colors like dark forest green, light brown and antique black. The kitchen look benefits from the wood accent pieces and the wood used for the countertops is usually distressed to give the appearance of age. Accents like a pine rack and wine rack on the side will bring the whole space together.

Floor Choices Are Floral or Geometric

Floral textiles in shades of pink, yellow and white are inspired by the color palette of a childhood flower garden. Toss pillows and towels in these bright, cheerful colors to soften the space. Flooring choices can be either floral or geometric. If you want a more polished finish, consider stone tiles that pair beautifully with the floral textiles. If you want a softer look, choose a woven rug and floral accent pieces. Look out for rugs in dark earth tones such as taupe, grey and brown.

If you have the money, you could invest in antique or bespoke pieces. However, if you are on a budget, you could make your own small but elegant shabby chic kitchen design. All it takes is patience and the right color scheme. You will be amazed at how easy it is to create a chic, inviting kitchen that uses vintage decor.

Small but Elegant Shabby Chic Kitchen Design

For small but elegant shabby chic kitchen design, pale blue and pale green are great color combinations to combine. Look for vintage accessories like an open shelve shelf and a floral fabric lampshade that match the color scheme. You could use a pastel pink tile on the floor and add floral accents on the walls, table tops and ceiling. Add some crystal pieces like a crystal baker’s rack and some metal knobs and handles in the same color to complete the look.

Small but elegant shabby chic kitchen design can also be achieved by using distressed wood. You could start by using painted or stained wood doors and drawer fronts to give your kitchen an old world charm. Then go for the distressed look by adding wooden cabinet doors and drawers and distressed hardware. You could use this distressed wood to create a variety of doors and cabinet faces like console, board, French door, low angle, settee and others.

Small but elegant shabby chic kitchens can also be achieved by adding vintage elements in a modernized setting. The best way to go for this chic look is to decorate a room the way you want it to look. Choose an interesting color and theme and then think of ways to translate those colors and themes into the furniture, linens, wall and floor coverings. Corot, Mimi the vintage Italian corset and Shelli Segal Collection Corset are some of the great pieces that can be used for this design style.


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