Small Pink Dining Room – How to Decorate Using Pink Accents

908 – Your small pink dining room is just waiting to be decorated with bright bold colors. You don’t have to make a big splash with bold colors – you can play it safe. Just choose one or two strong colors that will pop with the rest of your room’s decor. Here are some great ideas for bright and bold color schemes for your small pink dining room.

Small Pink Dining Room Combination

The gray and black pieces of artwork work really well with this small pink dining room. It really takes the center stage though. Grey and black works well together because they are complementary colors. You can add an art mirror or an oil painting here if you desire. A black and grey wall accent makes a nice accent on this wall. This adds a little bit of interest but doesn’t overpower the color scheme.

These two tones complement each other perfectly. Grey with pink also works very well. You can use deep purples, pinks, and plaids with a little hint of grey and black. These simple colors used with pink in this room will create a beautiful feminine atmosphere in the space.

This pink and grey combination work perfectly. Use a deep purples wall accent with some smaller purple pinks. Add some interesting textured items like textured rugs and needlepoint pillows to the room for more interest. The darker the colors used with pink in this room the more dramatic effect you will achieve with this decorating style.

Grey and Pink Color Combination Decorating Ideas

Grey and pink go together to make a sophisticated space in the home. You can add some fun accessories in this decorating style. Since grey is quite a strong color it works well with all of the different shades of pink. You can use a pale pink with a deep grey border or even a pale pink with a deep violet border.

Just as this decorating style showcases strong colors used with pink, it also showcases many different accent pieces to pull the room together. Since grey is quite a strong color, it will work great with the deep purples that will be used throughout the room. Pique the curiosity of your guest by hanging framed pictures on the wall with a bold red and black border. You can also frame a pretty fabric print for a great accent piece.

The bolder the colors used with pink in this room the better. You can use a deep purples wall accent with some smaller purples on top. You can even use small plaids in this room with many different patterns and shade of pink. You can use black trim on your walls in the form of an accent wall sconce or you can use a large dark wood trim around your window. Using black in your small pink dining room gives you a room that you can really call your own.

One of the Beautiful Shades of Pink

This decorating style will look best with small framed mirrors, dark wood flooring, lots of natural light and lots of neutral accents. Using earth tone colors like browns, tans and beiges will combine beautifully with any of the shades of pink you use. A white board decorated with a few bold red and black strokes will work nicely in the smaller space. Another good option for this decorating style is using deep forest green and deep mocha colors in the wall decor with the occasional lighter pastel color or stripe. Since grey is a much more dramatic color than the other colors used with pink in this room, go with a much lighter shade of grey.

The next style is called shabby chic. It uses very light wall colors, white and off-white rugs, vintage fabrics and a lot of neutral and wood furniture. You’ll want to keep this living room very airy because it doesn’t have a lot of depth. Shabby chic allows rooms to open up so you can show off your favorite things without having to bring too much color into the space. For example, you could paint one wall in off-white with a beautiful vintage print and add a couple of throw pillows with a floral pattern in a fun fabric.

Shabby Chic Style is to Decorate a Small Pink Room

A modern take on the shabby chic style is to decorate a small pink room with a very light fabric on the walls, lots of white furnishings and lots of neutral accents. You can find all these items at a thrift store or discount warehouse store. In this decorating style, you’re more likely to choose a distressed or slightly worn fabric rather than a new piece, which are often very expensive. White and brown are great colors used with pink in this decorating style because they both bring a sense of depth to the room and the light colors also help to brighten up a room that might be a bit cold and dull.

In the style I’m describing, the focus is more on the furniture and accents than it is on color. Grey and off-white are good colors used with pink in this room because they create an illusion of depth. Grey is also neutral, which helps it fit into any kind of home. Pinks and violets would pair nicely together as well as oranges and lime green.


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