Monochrome Dining Room Ideas – Modern Lighting Fixtures To Match Your Dining Room

964 – If you want to create a simple and elegant dining room that will fit perfectly for your living room then you have to do monochrome dining room design. It is surely not easy to achieve such design as it requires more time and effort to complete it. However, once you have accomplished monochrome dining room design then you will be surprised with the result. Here are some tips for your consideration.

Selection of the Right Material

Choose the right material. Because monochrome dining room furniture is made up of either wood or metal, it will be better if you choose something made of solid wood such as solid wood dining table or small table with matching chair. For the chair, you can use small wooden legs or can replace it with modern metal legs for it will be more elegant. As for the table, you can use either smaller wooden table or big round table with matching chairs.

Add those classic furnishings such as ottomans, sofas, and chairs. Since your dining rooms are meant for people who are interested in communicating, the right dining rooms must also have cozy and comfortable chairs and tables with matching sofas and tables. As much as possible, it is recommended to place these items in neutral colors and on large cushions that are placed on three sides of the table. For monochrome dining room ideas, place some floral arrangements in the chairs and tables.

Monochrome Dining Room Decoration with Greenery

Add touches of greenery. Greenery is a good decor to spice up any room and a monochrome dining room is no different. You can add green and yellow greenery to your dining table to make it look cozy and warm. Use wicker chairs with floral arrangement around it. For a monochrome dining room design, a dark colored dining table with white edges and light wood flooring perfectly fit the bill.

Create interest in a monochrome dining room through its wall layout. If your wall is not detailed enough, you can use wallpaper to create a more interesting focal point. For a casual and simple style, you can choose wallpaper that have geometric designs. Meanwhile, if you want your wall to emphasize its clean lines and simplicity, choose wallpaper with soft gradients and texture to compliment the wall’s texture.

The Addition of The Best Design Chandelier Accessories

Install a chandelier over the center table. Chandeliers are great accent pieces. They can add a sophisticated and classy touch to your monochrome dining room design. A single huge chandelier will bring about the desired focus while smaller chandeliers are more subtle and complementary to your room’s general style. If you are going for a more traditional style, a chandelier with a birdcage veil is an excellent choice.

Decorating accessories are also great ways to enhance and pull your monochrome dining room design together. Use candles to create a warm and welcoming ambiance. For a more playful vibe, choose lamps that create an interesting effect. You can also incorporate throw pillows that add to the overall tone of the room as well.

All in all, using different lighting fixtures to compliment the overall theme and color scheme of your monochrome dining room ideas is one of the best ways to get a modern and minimalist look without sacrificing comfort and functionality of your dining table. So if you want your table to still looks classic, but has lost a little bit of its charm, here are some interesting lighting fixture options to consider. With so many options available, you should be able to find just the right monochrome dining room design that works for your home.


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