How to Create Small Hollywood Glamour

869 – You have decided to decorate your small Hollywood home with small glam looks. Do you know that small homes in Hollywood are very popular right now? This is because small houses can be decorated more affordably than those in bigger houses. In order for you to make your small Hollywood house look more glamorous, here are a few tips.

How to Decorate a Condo in Hollywood Style

It does not have to be expensive. I had a friend who wanted to redecorate her small Hollywood condo in brown wood but ended up spending thousands of dollars. That was ridiculous! Look around. Spend less than you can afford. If you do it right, you can even make your own designs.

Use smaller doors. Your small space will not feel very big. Use sliding doors and mirrors. Also, if your bathroom is not that small, you can still use them effectively.

Use lighting. Lighting can do wonders when it comes to making small rooms look bigger. Small Hollywood glam look should definitely include lots of light. You can hang beautiful chandeliers and lamps around the room. They will definitely add that Hollywood touch.

Bright Colors at Small Hollywood Glam

Use small tables, chairs and couches. The most important thing about a small living room is the chair. You should consider using small tables with a small chair and a few chairs or a sofa. Of course, a small TV will also be perfect. You can show some movies from your DVD player while chatting with your friends.

Put small furniture everywhere. This will make your small Hollywood living room look more complete. For instance, instead of putting a couple of chairs, put an end table or accent table and put a vase of flowers. This will make your living room look more attractive.

Put color in small. It’s no use putting bright colors in small Hollywood glam because it will make it look crowded. Of course, there are times when you have to follow the basic black-and-white rule. But most of the time, you have to choose the color in small shades so that it won’t look too busy. You can also use reds, greens and blues in small accents. These colors will make your small living room look more inviting.

Characteristics of Design Accessories

Use floor rugs. Rugs are another great addition to your small Hollywood glam look. It helps create a warm look and gives an inviting feel. You can put a rug in your dining room or bedroom. It will help make your small living room look larger and more inviting.

Put plants in small pots. The small pots will give an herbal feel. You can place them all over your small dining room or bedroom. Putting small potted plants in the corners will help create an Asian feel.

Use accessories that have Asian-inspired themes. For example, if you’re Asian, you can use bamboo stools. If you’re Egyptian, you can use earthenware dishes. If you’re Chinese, you can put jade or coral statues. If you’re Japanese, you can put chopsticks.

Simple Idea To Look Comfortable

Use Asian fabrics and patterns. Oriental fabrics will give that Asian feel. You can find fabrics in natural colors and patterns. You can also choose silk and bamboo carpets. You should use soft cushions with simple designs so that the room will look comfortable.

Use Asian utensils. You can use chopsticks, rice cookers and bamboo steamer. Keep in mind that Oriental dishes often require these items. Use them in small amounts so that they won’t overwhelm the room.


In order to complete that Hollywood glamour, you need to have candles in your small dining room or bedroom. Hollywood stars used candles in their houses to create that Hollywood feel. So can you! With these ideas, you will be able to transform your small home into a home that people will envy.


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