Unique and Beautiful Traditional Bedroom Ideas


Mencoret.com – There’s nothing quite as regal in a bedroom as a traditional bedroom dresser. Exposed oak, cherry or maple add to the regal nature of the large attic bedroom dresser. It is an all-time classic among traditional bedroom styles and adds vintage and antique furniture, but also the contemporary, fresh look thanks to the bold color options. Because it’s made of solid wood, it’s strong and beautiful, too.

Creating a Warm Traditional Bedroom Atmosphere

You can use this classic style to create a warm atmosphere in your traditional bedroom. A skylight may be necessary, so look for a light blue walls and ceilings. Cedar or rattan furniture with a light blue or turquoise accent looks fantastic. If you have light blue walls, you can add blue rugs to break the monotony. Alternatively, light blue curtains in honey tones or soft pastel greens will also fit perfectly.

Traditional bedroom settings also lend themselves to unusual accessories such as wrought iron candle holders with wick ends, authentic wrought iron headboards, authentic pine bed frames, and wall art with bold abstract designs. Textures, prints and mementos that are traditionally elegant complement traditional bedroom themes. Use bold colors like deep forest green, mocha, chocolate brown or wine or white to give your room an antique or traditional look.

Choose Beautiful Rustic Bed Frames

Rustic bed frames with distressed finishes add a unique touch to a traditional bedroom. Authentic wrought iron headboards create a statement in a rustic setting. Sanded wood is the perfect backdrop for bold geometric or floral patterns. For a more modern rustic bedroom, choose distressed iron, metal or leather bed frames with exposed hardware, faux stone walls and exposed wooden molding.

Hang a nice contemporary drape around your window and choose a decorative wooden dresser for your floor-to-ceiling storage. Hang your mirrors on the wall so your room flows from floor to ceiling. Hang a mirror on the opposite wall to bring a textural element to the room. A wooden dresser completes your wall decor with flair. It complements your windows, doors and floors, and adds a nice background for your decorating efforts.

Traditional Style Bedroom With a Modern Touch

For a traditional bedroom style with a touch of modernism, select an easy to clean platform bed. A platform bed is a modern interpretation of the traditional platform bed. A platform bed sits on legs that are arranged at the front of the bed, giving it the appearance (and sound) of the beds that were popular in the 1800s. Your platform bed can have either a bookcase top or a simple headboard, depending on your personal preference.

Feature Wall: For a truly traditional bedroom design, select a feature wall to feature in your bedroom. Feature walls are usually designed to resemble traditional scenes or architectural flourishes. A feature wall is typically painted a neutral color and features designs or patterns on the wall that coordinate with the color of the floor covering (usually choose a cushion color). One of the most popular feature wall colors is cream, because it’s traditional and warm, and also one of the most timeless colors for bedroom design. Another option for feature wall decor is using wallpaper to create a repeating pattern, such as a floral or checkerboard pattern.


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