The Role of the Norwegian Library in Protecting the Culture


Mencoret.comThe Scandinavian Library is an online reference platform which helps users to find various periodicals, books and archives from various libraries all across the world. The platform supports user registration that is available either via a website or through email. It is free of charge and has comprehensive databases of periodicals. Moreover, it also provides convenient electronic publications of periodicals, journals, and other information. The database is frequently updated and helps users search for a particular title, author, or journal within seconds.

Equipment From Scandinavian Libraries

The Scandinavian Library also allows users to search for their favorite books by authors, genres, and subject matter. It categorizes the books according to categories such as fiction, non-fiction, reference, academic, business, religion and other reference. It even provides links to online stores selling Nordic books. These include libraries in Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Sweden, Finland, and the Netherlands. A full list of participating libraries can be found in the About section of the website.

It is not surprising that the Scandinavian Library caters to a diverse audience. In fact, it caters to a population which is much smaller than that of a large US or European city. This may explain why the Scandinavian library is relatively free to access than most libraries in the US or Europe. Perhaps part of the reason for this is that there are a smaller number of libraries in these Nordic countries than in bigger countries.

Features Of Nordic Libraries

The Nordic countries have four prominent libraries – the Danish National Library, the Danish National Museum, the Finnish Historical Museum, and the Swedish National Library. All these libraries are home to numerous unique literary works, as well as important historical records. The national libraries are administered by the government, but all libraries have a board of management, which has a chief manager and other board members. In addition to having a chief manager and a board, these libraries have a librarian, a public information officer, a circulation, a general book’s manager, a public relations officer, a computer charges manager, and a security officer.

The two-year weekend-term visit that the Scandinavian libraries enjoy allows visitors from every country in the world to visit. In spite of being separated by just ten kilometers, these libraries are linked by train, plane, bus, sea, and cable television. Besides a few library tour groups that leave from their respective countries every week, there are a large number of independent travelers that travel to the library. It is the Scandinavian Library’s pride to have the longest continuously running road show in Scandinavia.

The World’s Best Library Place

The national library in Copenhagen, Denmark has been operating since 1713 and is one of the finest libraries in the world. This library was built using the best local and European materials. Many people who come to the Nordic House Library are impressed with its wealth of rare and valuable manuscripts, which includes famous works by poets, essays by renowned authors, as well as complete works by famous architects such as Christopher Columbus, Vasco da Gama, and Hans Christian Andersen.

The other Scandinavian libraries, in Malmorset, England; Stockholm, Sweden; Dublin, Ireland; and Budapest, Hungary are some of the most impressive public libraries in the entire world. Each of these libraries displays a different type of literature. Malmorset has a large collection of illuminated manuscripts, while Dublin has an amazing collection of ancient documents, including illuminated manuscripts. In Malmorset, there is a free book shop, while the other libraries are well patronized by the people living all around them. The Malmorset public library even has a music theatre, while the others feature a ballet. The cultural centres of the Scandinavian Libraries have also made efforts to bring more visitors into the various public libraries.

The library exhibitions that are organized from time to time give people the chance to see some of the rare books and manuscripts that are kept at these libraries throughout the year. Since most of these libraries are located in remote areas, the people travelling from far distances can enjoy the Scandinavian experience by paying a visit to one of these libraries during the tour. These libraries also make it possible for the people to study different languages and cultures, as they help people to know more about the local culture of the country where they are staying during their tours. The library exhibition is one of the biggest attractions of the summer for visitors to Scandinavia.


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