Scandinavian Minimalist Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

525 – Unlike other modern kitchen designs, Scandi-style is defined by practical minimalism and an intertwining of form and function. Keep this aesthetic in mind when planning your new kitchen.

Adding Warmth to Scandinavian Kitchen Designs

Ask your kitchen designer to use frameless cabinet construction for a clean look. The Shaker cabinet style is ideal, with its slab and flat panel doors. Adding warmth to a Scandinavian kitchen design is as easy as including some natural wood accents. A wood table or kitchen island can help to tie together the Scandi-inspired modern design with farmhouse elements, like shiplap or wrought iron light fixtures.

One color that’s often used in Scandi kitchens is a muted blue, which pairs nicely with white subway tile backsplashes and gray wood cabinets. This neutral color is a great choice for those who want to keep their kitchen decor simple, but still want to add some color to their home. The minimalist style of Scandinavian kitchens works well with natural elements, such as wood and stone, which can be found in many homes. This kitchen from a Philadelphia single-family home by Cathie Hong Interiors features both, along with a wood kitchen island and midcentury molded plywood bar stools. The white cabinetry and tile open a light and bright space that’s dotted with black stencil frames, finer wood elements, a wooden bench, and potted plants.

Light colors are a staple of Scandinavian minimalism, but they can be warmed up with textures like brick and wood. Embrace natural elements in your kitchen design. Display a collection of vases and jars filled with spices, nuts, and fruit. Bring in a touch of reclaimed wood for an eco-friendly and charming Scandinavian decor. The minimalist Scandinavian aesthetic calls for a streamlined, clutter-free space. To achieve this, limit the number of upper cabinets or remove them entirely. Add storage elsewhere to keep your kitchen uncluttered.

Modern Scandinavian Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

Using a wood table as your kitchen island is also a popular Scandinavian style. This creates a seating area where you and your family can enjoy meals together. Adding a few chairs around the island helps to make the space feel welcoming and cozy. Wooden chairs and bar stools in simple shapes can also look great with this style. Scandinavian kitchens often incorporate a mix of wood finishes to keep the look rooted in a natural aesthetic. Light-colored wood, such as ash or maple, pairs well with modern Scandinavian kitchen cabinet ideas in white and grey hues. Darker, weathered woods also work with this style when painted in lighter shades like pistachio green or cream.

Liming is an easy way to add color without changing the tone of wood and keeping it in line with Scandinavian minimalism. This technique maintains the warmth of wood grain while whitening its surface, resulting in a clean Scandi finish that contrasts beautifully with light colors and finishes. Although black is not typically used in Scandinavian kitchens, it can help delineate architectural features and create visual contrast in a bright white kitchen. For example, a black range or cabinets can serve as an accent to a white kitchen island and anchor the room’s neutral palette. A contrasting wooden chair or window ledge also works to soften the look and bring in a bit of personality.

Popular Scandinavian Minimalist Styles in Kitchen Designs

One of the most important elements of a Scandi-style kitchen is the lighting. Light-colored lamps and ceiling sconces are used throughout the room, keeping the look bright and inviting. Pendant lights like the Vilde pendant from BO-HA add a Scandinavian minimalist style to any kitchen design. Wood kitchen cabinet ideas are an essential part of the Nordic minimalism aesthetic. For a light, bright finish that maintains the warmth of wood grain, liming is a popular choice. This treatment creates a crisp white color that contrasts with pastel kitchen colors, while preserving the appearance of natural wood.

Although black isn’t often used in Scandi kitchen designs, it can be used to delineate areas and provide visual contrast. A black range, cabinets or hood can make a striking focal point that unites the rest of the kitchen’s palette and design features. Floating shelves can also replace upper cabinets in a Scandi kitchen to open up the space and create casual storage for everyday dishes, cups and bowls.


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