How to Spruce Up a Small Victorian Bedroom

422 – If you have a small victorian bedroom and would like to make it look more luxurious, there are a few things that you can do. These include using a high post bed frame, getting a sumptuous bedding set, and adding some wall decor and decorative pillows.

Simple Yet Elegant Design with Classic Wood Accents

Adding marble accents is another way to give your bedroom a regal look. It’s also an easy way to get the Victorian aesthetic without breaking the bank! If you’re looking to spruce up a small victorian bedroom, a High Post Bed Frame can help give your space an instant dose of elegance. A simple, yet elegant design, this frame combines sleek lines with classic wood accents to create a stunning focal point for your room.

For a less expensive option, Amazon Basics offers a box spring base with a modern metal foundation and wooden slats for solid mattress support. It’s available in multiple colors and sizes, features 12 inches of clearance underneath and comes with a full foot of storage. If you’re looking for a traditional, Victorian-style bed with clean lines and a tufted headboard, this option from Novogratz is an excellent choice. Its diamond tufted and nailhead design delivers a grand, luxe feel for less than half the price of similar options.

If you want to amplify the Victorian vibe, you can add drapery over your bed. You can choose the type of material that suits your budget and style. One of the most prominent characteristics of a Victorian bedroom is the use of heavy drapes that are usually made from silk or satin fabric. Aside from that, you can also incorporate floral and rich pattern into the curtains.

Consider Using White Lace or Tulle

Another way to achieve a victorian theme is by utilizing a stained glass window. It will be able to give your room a vintage look while giving you ample natural lighting. Aside from that, you can also consider using a white lace or tulle as the window curtain material. This will definitely make your bedroom look more upscale and luxurious.

Lastly, a cast iron claw foot tub is a great addition to any victorian bedroom. It not only fits into the historical design of your house but also maintains the right water temperature for a long time. One of the main characteristics of Victorian design is a contrasting color and rich pattern. To achieve a Victorian bedroom theme, you can use floral and swirly patterns as wall covering.

This will give your room a unique and luxurious feel. You can also use floral and lace jacquard as window curtains to complete the look. Another great idea is to add stained glass windows to your bedroom. They allow tons of natural light into the room and create a warm atmosphere.

Brings a Romantic Feel and Adds Soft Elements

If you are not into stained glass, you can use a simple pattern of windows instead. It will still make your room feel bright and vibrant while maintaining the Victorian style theme. You can also create a Victorian decor by swapping out your existing light fixture for a delicate chandelier. This will bring a romantic feel to your space while also adding a soft, moody element to the overall design.-

There are plenty of ways to add a touch of Victorian style to a small bedroom. One of the easiest is to use a few different types of pillows that will complement your decor without overpowering it. A standard square pillow is a classic and will stand the test of time. Pair it with an eye-catching lumbar or bolster pillow for a pulled-together look that’s sure to impress.

In the spirit of the ol’ Victorian, don’t forget to incorporate the right colors and patterns into your design scheme. For example, a black and white floral pattern on your carpet will make the room sparkle. You can also add in some gold accents into your decor scheme to achieve the same effect. The best part is that it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. You can even pick up some of the pieces at a local flea market or thrift store! The key is to choose a color that will work well with your existing furniture and other decor. We are happy to receive guest post submissions from you.


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