Small Industrial Home Designs

436 – If you’re looking for a unique interior design for your home, consider industrial decor. Industrial interior designs are inspired by large factories and warehouses. In order to achieve a warm, industrial feel in your home, opt for Edison bulbs. They come in many colors and shapes, but are not the most energy-efficient. Industrial decor also looks great with metal fixtures. Add metal wall sconces, metal light fixtures, and glass shades to your lighting fixtures.

Characteristics of Small Industrial Style House

A home in this style has a modern box-like exterior with multiple smaller boxes attached. The smallest one is over the garage entrance. Its exterior wall is made of stone bricks, which complement its gray interior. Inside, the house has hardwood flooring with a sandy look. The patio is surrounded by a white wooden fence and features an outdoor bar and dining area. The interior has plenty of light thanks to the abundance of windows and skylights.

The exterior of this Industrial-style home looks very impressive. A red brick fence separates it from the concrete sidewalk, which blends into the exterior walls. This home also has tinted glass windows on its upper and lower floors. A large window compliments the A-frame roof, while small windows complement the second and third floors. The exterior walls feature striped design patterns and large glass doors that give a subtle look into the interior.

Industrial Interior Using a Neutral Color Scheme

Industrial interiors often use a neutral color scheme, with soft grays, black, and brown accented with white. Metal, glass, and wood accents also work well with this style of design. The color palette is neutral, which allows you to choose the right furniture and accessories to create an industrial-style atmosphere. The neutral color palette also makes open spaces seem larger. A neutral color palette also allows you to choose vibrant accent colors that complement the existing colors in the room.

If you’re looking for a unique design, consider industrial interior designs. These modern industrial styles highlight the raw beauty of building materials while promoting functionality. A common trend in modern interior designs is to use industrial-style decor in loft apartments, modern homes, and commercial buildings. The look is unified and chic, and it showcases the ingenuity of mechanical and engineering. You’ll surely find a unique style for your home in these modern designs!

Consider the Warmth and Comfort Provided by Industrial Furniture

Industrial interiors are often open and spacious, with minimal coverings on windows. While they’re uncomfortably hot in summer, the industrial style of design can be cozy at night. Instead of leather sofas and oversized chairs, choose softer materials and weathered wood tones. While many people might associate industrial decor with squalor, consider the warmth and comfort that industrial furniture can give. It’s the perfect style for those who have trouble putting together a cozy home.

While it’s not recommended for everyone to incorporate exposed brick walls, concrete floors, and metal mantelpieces into your home, you can incorporate these features as decorative elements in your space. Exposed beams and pipes are also great accents. You can even use industrial-style tile and brick on your bathroom countertops and kitchen backsplashes. Remember that loft-styled homes were open workspaces, giving people the space they needed to work, live, and create. If you can’t afford to use these features in your space, choose the “fake” option.


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