White Rustic Country Kitchens


Mencoret.com – When designing a country kitchen, light, pastel colors are ideal. White is the most common color for this style. Pastel colors can be used with black accessories. White cabinets are most popular, but wooden furniture may be used as well. If you’re looking for a more classic look, you can choose wrought iron or cast iron pot hangers. White cabinets are a good complement to wooden floors. A country kitchen can be bright or rustic, depending on its accessories.

All White Walls and Wardrobe with Wooden Floor

In this style, all-white walls and cabinets are often paired with warm wood floors to add warmth to the space. For a more modern feel, consider installing Blanco Tulum granite counters. For a backsplash, use different-colored tiles. A blue-painted island makes a fun breakfast bar. It’s also easy to find rustic country kitchen accessories, such as baskets and jars made from reclaimed wood.

If you love combining traditional and contemporary country kitchen designs, you can combine them into a modern and contemporary design. For example, you can mix and match white cabinets, a sleek stainless steel range hood and a wood island. The wood island also adds warmth to the expansive white kitchen. Add a few accents in the design, such as stained glass window decor and a large vintage stove. Make sure to choose top-of-the-line appliances to complete the look.

Choosing white cabinets as the base for your kitchen’s design will give it a stripped-down, rustic look. These cabinets make it easy to add quirky elements to the design while still remaining simple. White cabinets also allow you to experiment with a wide range of accessories, such as ceramic bowls and plates. And since white cabinets don’t compete with one another, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from.

A Rustic Look In A Versatile Kitchen

The rustic look in kitchens is very versatile and can be used in many situations. For example, if you have a wood-burning oven, you can incorporate that into your kitchen decor. This style is often associated with small-town culture and history. It is also popular in regional American design. Southwest kitchens tend to incorporate elements of Mexican and Appalachian styles. Antique coal-mining lanterns, vintage fishing supplies, and handmade quilts are common additions.

A traditional farmhouse kitchen might have a look like this: natural wood, fresh plants, and apple pie in the air. Depending on your preferences, this style can be equally effective in modern homes. However, it can be tricky to find an exact replica of this design. A good way to achieve a rustic look is to combine traditional elements with modern appliances. There is no right or wrong way to decorate a rustic country kitchen.

One popular look for white country kitchens is a sleek, modern yet rustic look. The cabinets and countertops in this kitchen are painted white. You can even opt to use glass box pendant lights over the counter. The counter island is made from the same travertine material as the backsplash. The walls and the windows are richly varnished, and the wooden floors are complemented with matching wood bar stools. The wrought-iron lighting above the island adds a subtle touch of color and style.

One of the Best Choices for Small Rooms with Dim Lighting

When it comes to choosing the materials, white country kitchens are one of the best choices for small, dimly-lit rooms. The reflective qualities of the white surface make it appear larger and brighter. White comes in various shades, and warmer whites are found in the yellow-red spectrum. Snow-white, on the other hand, is blue-green and is deemed cool. If you’re considering going for a white country kitchen, be sure to incorporate wood details into your design.

Adding mismatched knobs to store-bought cabinets will add a fresh element. You can also opt for pour-in-place concrete countertops. To give the kitchen a farmhouse theme, you can also use a refurbished farm table as an island. You can paint the legs of the table white or stain them. The pendant is a canning jar that recalls days gone by. A flour-sack cafe curtain will remind you of humble beginnings.


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