Rustic Outdoor Wall Planters Ideas

694 – To show off your collection of flowers and other plants, create a stunning planter wall. Choose a color theme to complement the surrounding decor, or leave the plants natural. You can even create a planter wall yourself! You can use wood fence pickets, which are about three-quarters of an inch wide. Alternatively, you can use a plain steel round rod, cut into sixteen pieces, to create a planter wall.

Modern Farmhouse Wall Style

These planters come in many different styles, colors, and sizes. Some are designed for displaying several types of flowers, while others are specifically for a specific purpose. Some can also be used to grow herbs or start seeds. You can choose between a rustic farmhouse look or ultramodern style to best match your decor. The choice is yours, so take your time when picking out your new wall planter. It will add style and beauty to any room.

Metal wall planters are another option. Rustic metal planters are resistant to corrosion and will keep your plants fresh. Decorative iron wall planters are an excellent choice for outdoor walls. They can be used indoors as well as outdoors, and make for stunning flower displays. If you want to make your garden or outdoor area look more rustic, you can choose a wall planter made from wrought iron. You can even DIY this project in a day!

Wall planter pots are also an excellent choice for kitchens. Kitchens don’t typically have the space for several plant pots. The size of this wall planter will fit in any kitchen, and it will be very functional. This planter measures 23.5 x 17.5 inches and extends about six inches from the wall. A wall planter with a farmhouse-style design will look great when you put in a couple of leafy plants.

Tips for Caring for Wall Planters

While there are many different options for wall planters, the main difference between them is the amount of drainage and the amount of water they hold. Most plants don’t like to be watered every day, so choosing one that features drainage holes or a water reservoir will make your plants much happier. Besides plants that need regular watering, succulents need less watering. A wall planter with a watering reservoir will help you avoid over-watering and will provide the perfect growing environment for your plants.

Whether you are planning to hang your rustic outdoor planter or place it on a wall, you should draw a plan first. Make sure the sides and bottom of the planter are sturdy. Measure the length and width of the base and the edges to ensure that it fits into the space. Don’t forget to check the nails and make sure the sides are squared. When you’re satisfied with your planter, place it on the prepared area.

Concrete-made wall planters are rustic and rough around the edges. They blend in with most outdoor decor. You can fill them with real or faux plants. Unlike some other planters, this material is lightweight and will not tip over, and they can also be used for plants that sway in the wind. Although they’re very inexpensive, they don’t have any drainage holes, which means they might end up getting over-watered and prone to rot.

Types of Outdoor Wall Planters

Another type of rustic outdoor wall planter is made of metal. Made of rusty metal, this type of planter will add natural beauty to an empty wall space. These planters are ideal for succulents and other small plants that need little water. They’re suitable for indoor and outdoor use. While they lack drainage, they look great against shiplap. However, these planters don’t come with drainage holes, so be sure to check with a local garden center before purchasing them.

Whether you choose to use real or artificial flowers in your Rustic Outdoor Wall Planters, you’ll be happy with the results. Flowers add color and feel good to any room and can even help you overcome anxiety. Plants don’t require professional gardening skills or lots of space. However, they will require proper care and attention. But if you have the time and patience, the rewards are sure to be worth the effort.


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