Eye Makeup For Small Eyelids


Mencoret.com – If your eyelids are small, you may not be able to apply heavy eyeliner. However, this isn’t a problem. You can apply a light shade in the inner corner to accentuate your eyes. A dark color on the top lid will pull your eyes away from each other, but a medium tone will add depth to your lid. You can also line the entire eye with a light color.

Tips for Wearing Small Eyelid Eye Shadow

Putting on eye shadow on your small eyelids will instantly make them look bigger. Choose a lighter shade of shadow, which can be blended out to make your eyes appear bigger. If you don’t want to use any concealer, use a shimmery highlighter under your eyes instead. To add a hint of sparkle, use a pearl-like concealer under your eye. To make your eyelids appear larger, try smudging your eyeliner a little, too.

If you have small eyelids, apply a darker shade of shadow to your eyelid. This will give your eye a more dramatic look. A dark shade of eyeshadow applied all over the lid will hide the shape of your eyes. To make your eyelids appear fuller, use a contrasting color of liner on the lower half of your eyelid. You can also use a highlighter to create a 3D effect.

You can use a black pen to draw a line under the outer corner of your eye. This will make your eyes appear larger, and it will also hide your dark circles. You can also use a little bit of baking powder to give your eyes a matte finish. You can even make use of an extra tiny piece of concealer to highlight your brow bone. A simple trick that will enhance your eyes is to add a thin line of concealer at the outer corner of your eye.

Tips for Applying Corner Liner in Eyes

The hooded area of your eye is the best way to conceal your small eyelids. This can be done by using a dark shade on the inner part of your eye and a light shade on the outer part of your eye. A thin liner will help you create both looks. It will also help you create a doll-like look with your eyes. In short, try applying a thin liner to the inner corner of your eye.

You can also try applying a bright luminous shade in the inner corner of your eyes. This will help your eyes appear more open and bigger. You can also use iridescent eyeshadow to create a wide-eyed effect. It can be applied with a brush for full coverage. A light pink shade will add a pop of color to your eyes. A deep red shade will give you a broader-eyed look.

If your eyelids are small, you can still use a warm-colored eyeshadow to create a soft, sultry look. If your eyes are hooded, you can also apply a dark shade of eyeshadow to the inner corner of your eye. The darker the eyeshadow, the less pronounced your small eyelids will be. To make your eyes look bigger, you can use a dark-colored shade of black or brown.

Ways to Visually Enlarge Eyes

Another way to visually enlarge your eyes is to use a white eye pencil. It should be applied on the upper and lower edges of your eyelids to give an illusion of a deeper, bigger eye. To do this, you can stick the white eye pencil at the lower edge of your eyelashes to create a strip of the eyelids that is a perfect fit for your eyes. Using a narrow makeup brush will make the false lashes look even thinner.

Mascara is another way to make your eyes look larger. You can apply mascara to your outer third and the upper lid. Using mascara helps your eyes look thicker and bigger. A high-quality, waterproof mascara can make your eyes appear larger. You can also try a smudger to soften your liner. Once you’ve chosen your eye makeup for small eyelids, you can start the process of applying the right cosmetics.


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