Small Japanese Living Room Furniture

925 – Small Japanese homes, or small Japanese apartments as they are also known, have become popular in the last few years. The Japanese people are among the most peace-loving and non-aggressive people in the planet. Their philosophy goes along the lines of “live and let live”. Their houses are small, simple, and to the point. They value simplicity in their lives and that is reflected in their small Japanese living room concepts. A small Japanese living room would be an expression of serenity and tranquility in a small house full of treasures.

Nordic Small Japanese Living Room

Japanese living rooms, or the Nordic small Japanese living room as they are also called, are two great inspirations for the new minimalist living room styles currently on fire throughout the world today. They seem to epitomize the values of today’s minimalist living styles. They are minimalist in the way the furnishings are arranged and in the way that the colors of wall and floor coverings are limited to a basic black or white, with accent colors of yellow, orange, red, and blue. The concept is simply to create a living room which is beautiful without being cluttered, and in which you can live comfortably.

Minimalist design principles are the inspiration behind the use of color, light, and the basic furniture design. The use of colors is quite extensive. Almost every aspect of your home is decorated with one or more colors that either complement or contrast with one another. The use of basic furniture like sofas, chairs, couches, and cabinets are also limited to solid colors, with maybe a pattern or design added in. There is almost no decorative artwork in a traditional Japanese living room, except for a small amount on the walls which is usually kept locked away in a cabinet or drawer.

Because there is such a dramatic difference in decoration, it is easy to see why the interior design of a Japanese home is so dramatic. Everything from the furniture to the interior design and landscaping looks incredibly important, taking the emphasis away from the more functional or attractive pieces of furniture, and instead placing it on the beautiful stones, wood, and plants that line the pathways of the house. In a traditional Japanese home, there will most likely be an interior kichirai, or room in which guests are entertained. The coffee table, or as the English language calls it, the dining table, is a central piece of furniture in most houses that houses a gathering of people.

Japanese Living Room Traditional Material

Since there are so many different styles and materials used in a traditional Japanese living room, the possibilities are endless. Some people have tried to decorate their homes in a Japanese theme, but their efforts often end up looking amateurish and uninspired. The best way to achieve a true Japanese feel in your home is to incorporate the use of natural materials and textures into your design. This makes the room truly one of a kind, and can be quite a challenge to do yourself, with all the intricate cutting and pasting that need to be done. Fortunately, there are many talented individuals out there that have taken our basic Japanese style and applied it to western style furniture. Most of these reproductions are fairly inexpensive, and a great place to start is by checking out the many Japanese-themed websites online.

If you are looking for a small Japanese living space but do not want to go completely off the beaten path, there are plenty of small, budget-friendly ways to get the authentic Japanese look without spending a fortune. One of these ways is to use small, decorative chopsticks instead of traditional chairs. Although these chopsticks are not typically long, they are very reminiscent of the long silver needles used by the Japanese in traditional Japanese table settings. Another way to incorporate traditional Japanese tableware and furnishings is to use pieces made from basic, solid wood. Many antique pieces are available to choose from, and most good home stores carry a selection of small Japanese-style tables.

How to Make a Small Japanese Living Room

Another way to make your small Japanese living room like the traditional Japanese one is to use an obi as the center piece of any decoration. Obis come in a variety of designs, from simple lanterns to ornate tea lamps to modern abstract designs. An obi is a flat, square block of wood that is usually made from plastic or cloth. Because it is plain, an obi is the perfect centerpiece for a traditional Japanese coffee table, allowing the decorator to showcase the intricate design work on one end while still hiding the bare wood of the table on the other.

If you are looking to bring life back to your small Japanese living room furniture, there are a variety of natural elements that you can incorporate into your design. The natural colors of Japanese culture are vibrant tones that are soft and warm. Because of this, they make the perfect backdrop against which to display traditional Japanese art and crafts, or the more modern art of the Japanese fashion industry. Because there is such great variation in patterns and colors, you can find a great selection of small Japanese living room furniture that utilizes the best parts of Japanese culture. Whether you are searching for a table that is very distinctive, or you are looking for pieces that integrate the natural tones of Japanese culture, you will be able to find a large selection of small Japanese home decoration items to help you bring life back to your small Japanese space.


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