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912 – The fast fashion industry is at the center of so many environmental issues. Fast fashion companies that mass produce clothing also contribute heavily to both the planet and carbon emissions. Fast fashion use more energy than commercial air travel and shipping combined. These extra energy requirements are leading to worldwide warming. And as fast fashion continues to grow, this global warming problem is only going to get worse!

Popularity from the Fashion World

Unfortunately, the planet isn’t the only thing suffering from the effects of these trends. People are also being affected by the toxic chemicals that are used during production of these fast fashion clothes. The average consumer is eating up thousands of tons of chemicals every year just to keep up with the fast-fashion world. These chemicals not only harm our bodies, they have been linked to everything from mood swings to infertility to even cancer!

While consumers are definitely to blame, it is absolutely impossible for the fast fashion industry to do anything about the harmful effects produced by their products. They have become so dependent on the high demand from so many countries around the globe that the supply of cheap, disposable materials used to make their clothing products is simply impossible for them to sustain. There simply aren’t enough factories in the world to process the amount of clothing that these companies are producing. And since these garments are so cheap to produce, they often end up dumped in landfills or burned once they are released into the environment.

One major reason why these toxic trends have had such a devastating effect on the environment is because of the way they have affected the economics of the production of fast fashion clothes. Cheap, disposable materials used in the production of many popular brands have forced textile producers to look for more cost effective ways to create their clothing. Instead of investing large amounts of money in expensive machinery and supplies, they are resorting to quickly mass producing bulk styles of clothing. This has had a devastating effect on the textile industry in many countries all over the world.

Types of Fast Fashion Clothing

For example, in India, textile workers have gone on strike in order to help improve the conditions of the working conditions in their workplaces. The result has been a massive increase in the price of cotton and other basic fabrics, which have been used in the production of many types of fast fashion clothes. As a result of this increased demand, textile manufacturers are having a very difficult time keeping up with the rising prices of these basic garments. They simply can’t afford to keep producing these types of clothing at such high levels, especially as they know that there is simply no way for them to break even.

The truth is that the fast fashion industry is not really responding to the complaints of the textile workers in any meaningful way. Instead, these workers are using social media to take their complaints across to consumers, and this is exactly where the problem starts for the clothing manufacturers. The social media websites that these people use to complain about their working conditions or the lack of money are the very websites that fast fashion brands visit in order to boost their sales. As a result of the hundreds upon hundreds of complaints that get submitted by these workers every single week, fast fashion brands find themselves being heavily disrupted by the massive amount of negative publicity that is being caused by these strikes.

Branded Fast Fashion

In other words, the only way that these people are able to keep selling out of these popular clothes is by creating a lot more copies of their clothes so that they can be sold in huge numbers once winter hits. Unfortunately, many of these fast fashion brands don’t have any clue about how to create a product that can make people happy. Instead, they spend a lot of time and money on trying to follow the latest trends. Unfortunately, the latest trends aren’t really what people want to buy, and this has created a void in the market place. At the end of the day, if people are shopping at a supermarket or a local retail store to get their clothes, they want to get clothes that they actually like, which is why it’s extremely important that you focus on creating clothes that will make people happy, rather than focus on creating clothes that will sell.

It may seem difficult to know exactly what the latest trends are, but you should always remember that it is the job of these designers on the catwalk to think about current trends as well as what the public wants to buy. It’s at this point in time when these designers really need to take some time out and have a think about what their next move should be. By taking a little bit of time out and going down to their local department store to look through some samples of recent trends and then looking at some of the latest fashion magazines, you’ll soon start to see which current fashion trends are popular, and which haven’t had any significant impact on the consumer market. By doing this, you’ll quickly become familiar with what makes a great fashion brand and what doesn’t.


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