Decluttering Your Small Minimalist Bathroom

871 – If you only have small bathroom space, no need to panic because you too can still organize your bathroom into a small minimalist style that also suitable to work with. In this style, the contemporary designer is assisting you with a small bathroom decor by applying green and white tiles back splash design in your small bathroom. This will make your small bathrooms usable and functional. You don’t even need to redecorate your other bathrooms just to accommodate this theme. All you have to do is apply the theme on the wall or floors.

Characteristics of a Small Minimalist Bathroom

A small minimalist bathroom may only comprise of a tub, sink, and toilet. Since the tub and the sink will be the focal point of your small bathrooms, then consider replacing them with a bath tub or a shower instead. Or, perhaps you can combine it with a pedestal sink. If you want to add features like shelves and cabinets in your bathroom, then you should consider putting them in your tub. Glass shelves can be fixed on the walls of the shower area so you can keep your stuff in order.

A small minimalist bathroom is not complete without a glass shower wall. It is a must to have a clear glass shower wall for hygienic purposes. If there are any items that you would like to hide away, then you can use neutral colors like white, gray, black, and other washable fabric designs. These can be used as the backdrop to the other elements in your bathrooms.

Every day, we walk out of our bathrooms with many accessories and toiletries that we didn’t even notice before. But after a while, there’s no longer any excuse for having such clutter inside your bathroom. Consider removing all your clutter from the bathroom counter. You can use wall hanging accessories for your bathroom sink and bathroom counter. This will free up space for you to properly organize your things.

Simplicity of Tiles and Walls

For small bathrooms, the tiles you use for the floor and walls must be very simple and clean. No stains, dirt, or wallpaper fibers should be allowed to stay on your walls. And don’t forget to get a small microfiber cloth for cleaning the tile backsplashes. The microfiber cloth will ensure that your small bathroom decor will remain clean and hygienic all the time.

Small bathrooms can have mosaic tiles as the main component of your tiles. Mosaic tiles come in different colors, shapes, and sizes. And because they come in a lot of different colors, there’s no reason why you cannot find the perfect tile for your small minimalist bathroom. The best thing about mosaic tiles is that they’re very easy to clean; you don’t even need to apply special cleaning products for them.

Ideas for Organizing Small Bathrooms Neatly

Every day, before going to bed, take out all of your bathroom cleaning supplies. Make sure you have a large storage box where you can put everything. If you can’t bring all your cleaning supplies at night, then at least bring a small pail that’s big enough to hold your cleaning products, your make-up, and other items that you’d like to keep in the bottom. In the morning, open the box and begin to sort your supplies into separate piles. Place everything in a neat pile by color, size, and type.

Small bathrooms, as well as every day living rooms, can easily become cluttered if there is too much clutter in one place. But by decluttering your bathroom today, you’ll be able to enjoy a clean and tidy sink and a clean and tidy cabinet tomorrow. These are just a few small tips you can use to get started with decluttering your bathroom today. Just remember, having a clutter free home will help to keep your stress levels down as well as your anxiety level throughout the day. Also, when you visit your bathroom in a decluttered state, you’ll be far more likely to appreciate the small things you were able to do today.


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