Shabby Chic Interior Decorating Style

961 – Shabby chic interior decorating is the latest trend in interior design that incorporates layers of aged, antique and worn wood, distressed fabrics, distressed paint or distressed metal and furniture. In this design the contemporary styling is softened with a French country charm. This French influenced style exudes an air of sophistication and comfort with a touch of nostalgia. The Shabby Chic decorating is often utilized to evoke a feeling of past nostalgia. The aged wood and furniture along with the distressed paint creates a cozy, romantic and charming ambiance that exudes a relaxed, unpretentious charm.

Shabby Chic Interior Decorating Ideas

There are many sources for shabby chic interior decorating ideas. You can look through the Internet where there are many articles written on this topic. There is also the Shabby House Blog that contains great information about this decorating style. Another great source is the Shabby House Blogger, which is maintained by a professional interior designer. She gives tips and tricks on using her blog to achieve the perfect look.

Shabby interior design is very versatile and you can mix and match pieces from this style to create your own unique look. This decor is great to use in guest rooms, living rooms, corridors, hallways and bedrooms. You can also make Shabby Chic look even more casual and inviting by including bright colors, natural materials and light fixtures. This lends the home a very airy feeling. If you want to add a dash of color to your space then paint the walls in a light shade of pink and add some accessories and pillows with seashells and candles.

Choosing the Right Shabby Chic Furniture

Furniture that you choose to use with shabby chic interior design should be as high-quality as possible. It should be made of solid hardwood and the legs must be solid wood. Antique furniture is always a great choice. You can find pieces in any number of shades of pink and match them with cushions in very earth tones such as pale yellow, off-white or off-green. Pillows can be found in soft pastels, silks and creams, while wall art comes in many sizes and colors.

Shabby style cabinets come in two basic styles: French and antique. Although these styles are no longer as popular as they once were, they look great in this decorating style because they are classic and romantic. French style cabinets are usually in white and are either straight or have curves. Antique cabinets come in wood and can be stained in any color. They may have inset floral accents or detailed molding.

Beautiful Shabby Chic Lamp

Shabby chic lamps are a great accessory to bring the whole look together. Lampshades should be very lightly stained in off-white or pale pink, with velvet or tapestry fabrics in shades of pale yellow or off-white. Lamps often have scalloped or arched trim, and have crystal shades or birdcages.

The final touch for your shabby chic style interior is a beautiful chandelier or pendant light. Chandeliers can come in metal, wood or both. Pendants have intricate carvings and delicate chains. To change up the look, place some vintage or authentic items in the decor. Things like old silverware or old photos can make unique lamp accessories.

Once you’ve created the perfect Shabby chic space, be sure to check into what Shabby chic fabrics and throws are available to put your decor together. Trousers can easily be found in leather, suede or microfiber fabrics. Pillows and curtains can be found in many patterns and colors. This entire look is fun and lends a feeling of warmth and relaxation to any room. You can pull the whole room together by using coordinating accent rugs on top of upholstered furniture. You’ll enjoy this unique style for years to come.


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