Pink Home Office Decor Adds A Girlish Look And Touch

1097 – Looking to give your pink home office a boost? You’re not alone! The pink trend is sweeping the nation. More women are moving from the traditional “blue” or “pink” to one of many available shades of pink. Whether you prefer a light pink with white trim or more vibrant hues like pink periwinkle, the pink home office just may surprise you.

Create Dream Pink Home

Think of the possibilities when you create your dream pink home office on Concept Board. This high quality, full-length wall calendar concept board provides lots of room for notes, phone numbers, mail, artwork and anything else you may want to include. The sleek black construction of black metal doors with silver metal accents and the flexible interior space are sure to make you feel at home. With Concept Board walls, you’ll be able to transform any “dead” wall in your home into an “active” canvas.

Create a virtual cubicle on this awesome pink home office countertop. This ultra-high performance desktop offers you all the functionality you need for working on your laptop, desktop computer, or tablet computer while keeping your counters free of clutter and your office dry. A hot pink neoprene Workplace Desk with adjustable swivel wheels is the perfect addition to your office. Its flexible aluminum “walls” allow you to move the desk as needed to change visual viewing areas, making your workspace a dynamic entity.

Attaching the Lampshade to the Table

Plug in that lamp you’ve been wanting. Your Concept Board desk won’t be complete without your beautiful bejeweled lamp shade. The soft pink of the lamp base adds an understated touch to your Concept Board Walls. Attaching a lamp shade to your desk also allows you to utilize your other workspace areas. You can stretch out your legs when using your laptop, or conversely, you can increase the amount of work you can accomplish. Either way, your pink home office will be lit up with your favorite lamp.

Comfy sofas and chairs add a touch of elegance to your pink home office. Your new white cowhide rug makes an ideal adornment for your new office, especially when matched with upholstered chairs. The unique styling of the white cowhide rug lends a soft touch of style and luxury to your pink contemporary furniture. White cowhide rugs are available in a variety of sizes and fabrics, so you are sure to find just the right one to accent your pink walls and desk.

Feminine Pink Wall and Table Design

Every woman needs her pink walls and desk to be just as feminine as possible. That’s why our design view full size Pink Wall Art comes equipped with an eight-page layout perfect for your pink home office. You can alternate between pink walls and full-size desk work on this beautiful layout if you feel the need. Each page has a different inspirational quote and poem to encourage you to keep your spirit up. When the colors become more vibrant, you’ll see a pattern of bright pink blossoms that will light up your space. Each design is set in a white background, so they will blend perfectly with any color scheme.

A chic writing desk is a must have item for any modern woman’s pink home office. This high-tech tool allows you to attain maximum productivity with minimal wasted time. It comes with five individual compartments for storage, a computer padlock, an electronic paper shredder, and a corner pencil holder. When you have a meeting or simply want to jot down a note, you can pull out all of your supplies with ease. The chic writing desk is light weight and made out of black metal for stability.

Adding pink home office decor to your home is simple and inexpensive. With these five inexpensive design staples, you’ll be able to find just the right pink accent wall accent for your space. With many different options available, you’re sure to find the perfect pink home office for your needs. Your pink home office will become the focal point of your room, bringing you peace and tranquility while also motivating you to achieve your productivity goals.


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