Bathroom Remodeling – A Waterproof chassis and Shower

995 – As you might have guessed from the popular Hot spring culture of Japan, Japanese folks love taking baths often. Japanese bathrooms are typically not only constructed for soaking in a hot bath but also for bathing. There is usually a separate bathing room along with a shower area. Usually the bathing room has its own door and is usually a separate building. Showers are usually accompanied by music of some type.

Japanese Style Bathroom Type

When it comes to Japanese bathrooms, there are two main types: Western and traditional. Western style showers have curved sides and come with multiple shower heads. Traditional showers have straight sides and do not have any other features such as temperature controls, massaging options or body sprays. As you can see, these two styles offer two different approaches to a relaxing bath. A traditional Japanese bathroom is a relaxing retreat from the troubles of the world.

The first step to designing a Japanese bathroom starts with your choice of tile, countertop and other general design elements. The purpose of the bathroom is to be comfortable as well as beautiful. You can incorporate many different kinds of tile into your bathroom design. Some common tiling options are porcelain, glass, stone and even wood.

Pictures of Natural Scenery in Japanese Baths

Next, it is critical to choose the right image source for your Japanese bath. The most common images used in Japanese bathrooms include cherry blossoms, rice fields and nature scenes. The choice of image depends on your taste and the theme of your home. I personally like nature scenes so I chose images such as trees, grass, flowers and mushrooms. Other images include cherry blossom scenes, geisha girls and lanterns. As you can see, the image source is crucial to your Japanese bath experience.


Another important aspect of your Japanese bathroom design involves the choice of water faucets and control panel. Your choice of water faucet will depend on the image source you chose. If you choose a more natural looking tile with flowers or a field, your water faucet will have a hand held unit. If you choose a traditional image such as a geisha girl with a fan in her hands, your faucet will be a wall mounted unit. Water control panel refers to how the temperature of the water is set.

Selection of Japanese Style Bath And Toilet

In addition to choosing a traditional or geisha style Japanese bathtub and toilet, your choice of toilet also plays an important role in the overall look and feel of your Japanese bathrooms. Traditional Japanese toilets feature a squat, bowl shaped toilet seat. Your choice of toilet should match the overall appearance of the bathtub and Japanese bath. If you want a Japanese style toilet with a Western-styled base, you can simply have your toilet base made to look like a Western toilet. There are also Western styled basins that you can have installed to complete your Japanese bathrooms look.

Finally, if you want a true showpiece in your Japanese styled bathroom, you can choose a Japanese tap and bathtub. The sound of the rushing water and the sight of the Japanese taps and baths will definitely create an artistic effect in your bathroom. When installing your Japanese bathroom tap, it’s best to go with ceramic or porcelain material. It will be easier to maintain and will not tarnish like other cheaper materials.

Installing a Japanese style bathtub and toilet in your Japanese bathroom will add value and class to the remodel. Before you start your project, make sure you check out a few online photos for ideas and tips. You can also use the photos of the actual models you would see in a traditional Japanese home so you get a good idea of what is available. Your bathroom remodel will be completed with a waterproof chassis, a great looking Japanese bathroom mirror, and a beautiful Japanese shower.


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