Using Hollywood Glamour in Your Home

900 – Your Hollywood glam look is complete when you have the perfect accessories. For a small budget, accessorizing with jewels and drapes will give your room an instant update. However, for those who want to spend more, glam furniture is the way to go. With new designer bedding, mirrors, and crystals, your room will be the talk of the neighborhood.

Hollywood Glamour Bedroom Decoration

When you have a traditional look in the Hollywood Hills, accessorizing can help pull off that look. With a chic statement crystal chandelier, soft, white bedding, and ultra-soft drapes, the neutral hue palette allows the decorating details to do all the speaking. However, if you cannot quite laze on all surfaces in your Hollywood glam bedroom, at least layering will give you enough privacy to take care of other things. Add a few accent lamps, framed prints on the walls, and you’ll have the prefect Hollywood bedroom.

Themed lighting is key to any Hollywood glam bedroom. For those with more modest tastes, consider utilizing a minimalist approach and keep the colors white. For those who are looking to inject a little sexiness into their room, consider adding reds and burgundy to the palette. A night lamp with a dimmer light is ideal for lighting both of these colors and can further lend a feel of space in the Hollywood glam bedroom.

Creating a Hollywood Glamour Look Using Mirrors

If accessorizing is not enough to create the look you’re going for in your Hollywood glam area, then consider using mirrors. With so many design styles available in stores today, mirrors are no longer just a good investment. Mirrors reflect light in order to enhance the overall design style of a space. They can be used as a wide window treatment, to add depth or as wall hangings. In the end, mirrors are a very inexpensive and easy way to add the Hollywood glamour you’ve been searching for in your home.

Crib bedding is an important element of any Hollywood glam bedroom. A popular choice for moms is romper or womb covers, in either black or clear. These cover the crib in a sleek, sexy way, adding height to the crib and adding a little sexiness to the overall look. If you’re lucky enough to have an extra large crib, then by all means use it. However, most standard cribs can handle a slightly larger cover, so feel free to mix and match until you find the best fit for your crib bedding.

Hollywood Glamour Bedroom Furniture Used

When you are finally ready to decorate your Hollywood Glamour bedroom, you will want to add as many touches of Hollywood as you can. One of the most popular items that people purchase to add that extra Hollywood glamour is white bedroom furniture. White furniture really gives a room that Hollywood touch and makes it seem like you’re having a spa day at the movies. You can choose from a wide range of white furniture, including tables and desks. The most popular pieces are those made from dark wood like cherry or walnut, but any dark wood will work well with this decor.

Crib bedding with a bold print is another great way to make the most of your Hollywood Glamour bedroom sets. Find ruffles, fringes and bold patterns that will match your Hollywood glamour theme. If you’re on a tight budget, you can always find cheap crib bedding that will still give you the look you are going for. A great way to save money on this type of bedding is to shop clearance sales at local department stores.

When it comes to shopping for Hollywood glamour bedroom sets, you want to be sure that every detail is in line with what you want. You do not want to get something that you will not be happy with, so plan out your purchases so you will know exactly what you want. Make sure that the bedroom furniture sets to match your overall theme and match colors so that they will look the way they are suppose to look.


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