Great Ideas For Your Japanese Home Office

1290 – Japanese home office furniture is considered a status symbol. For many, having their own home office boosts their self-image and gives them a sense of importance and power. The main goal has been to have a very minimal and clean home office with a minimalist design.

Japanese Style Furniture Design

Many different styles of decor are available for the Japanese home office. While bright colors are usually reserved for the kitchen and dining room, bold colors can be used throughout the home for more dramatic effect. Bold, bright colors such as reds and oranges can be used throughout the home to add an impact of energy to the room. White and neutrals are usually reserved for the dining room and kitchen. While bold colors and simple designs dominate Japanese interior design ideas, sparingly used can still be found. The goal with this design is to keep it simple and not over complicated.

The Japanese home office furniture design is very different from the typical Western home offices. The desks and chairs are more proportioned in size and shape. Many times, these are also shaped in a “L-shaped” format which is called a “Y” shaped chair. This helps create a natural feeling in the room as well as create open space for working. Many times, this design is used to encourage people to feel like they are at home.

Laying the Lantern on the Table Japanese Style

If you are thinking about incorporating the Japanese influence into your office space, there are many different ways to go about it. The first step is to purchase an old desk from a thrift store or yard sale. You will probably find that it is covered in books and papers. The next step is to paint it in a bold color or at least use a darker shade of the color to make it stand out. Use accessories that you have available in the color you picked out for your desk such as a vase or other small item that fits the Japanese theme. Another option is to pick up several small Japanese lanterns to place on top of your desk.

Once your desk is finished, add some new items to your home office such as an art easel. Art easels can either be purchased or made at home. These items will help you to not only express your personality but also provide you with additional space for organizing your books and other items. Japanese interior designs focus on the use of space to bring together the things that you need to do your work while giving you the space you need to live a full life.

The Natural Lighting Aspect of a Japanese Style Home Office

In addition to using your books and papers for your office, it is important to get your business organized as well. To help you get started, purchase a Japanese style lamp for your desk. One of the most important aspects of a Japanese style home office is the lighting that is used. If you are going to use natural lighting for your work, make sure that the lamp is an incandescent light and not a fluorescent light.

Other important things to consider when looking for Japanese home office ideas Japanese home office design and decor ideas include the placement of your desks, filing cabinets and any other furniture that you will need. Laying everything out before you buy will save you from purchasing things that do not fit or will make your work difficult. Consider placing your futon on one side of your desk so that you can read on it when it is not in use. Another idea Japanese home office decor ideas include the placement of water fountains and fireplace screens.

The placement of your desk can become extremely important when incorporating the Japanese study room decor into your home office interior design and decorating. Placing your desk to the side of the door will give it more functionality as it can also be used as a storage closet for your office supplies and books. The next step would be to consider the location of your computer chair. You want to place it near your desk so that you can easily walk up and down the ladder while performing tasks with your computer. The final tip would be to pick a rug that is made of white color because a black color will only lessen the decor of the room.


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